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A simple chatting application that includes a web interface and a small chat server and uses web sockets.



Related Projects

databasedotcom - Ruby client for the and Chatter APIs

Ruby client for the and Chatter APIs

Py-chatter - pyChatter is an instant messaging software written in Python. The architecture of pyCha

This is the backup repository of pyChatter. pyChatter is : open source and under GPL v3 license; based on the XMPP/Jabber technology thanks to SPADE platform; decentralized; as secure as possible.

Cppchatters - A C++ telnet client for Chatters( )

This project is meant to create a stable and reliable telnet client for Chatters( ). It has been created with C++ and GTK+ with speed and stability in mind to give the user an easy and straightforward chat experience when connecting to Chatters. Currently it uses CodeLite IDE generated *.mk files to build the project, but plans are to use automake in the future.

Aprilinblue - ChatterBot in java for Irc networks

use of Pircbot,JMegaHal,Opennlp-tools,Wordnet,JWNL. //Licence to check

Superiority - A chatter bot written in C#

A written in C# made to show off the features present in versions of the .NET Framework from 3.0 and on.

Wilmu-wis305-chatter - Educational web design project for Wilmington University

IntroductionChatter is a Twitter clone built on PHP/Mysql. The main purpose of this application is to provide a base application that students can use to learn about the PHP language, design patterns, and web application best practices. Students will improve, debug, add new features to the application through-out the 7-15 weeks of class. All code developed in class will be contributed back to the main trunk. The application includes the following features: Independent Client and Server component


OpenChatterBox is an LANChat-like application which is designed for communicating over LANs. It uses a protocol similar to the ChatterBox utility for Windows, but doesn't support colors, pictures, or user modes yet.