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A Chat application for LAN programmed in JAVA ( socket programming ). Client has a very Simple interface. Server has just a command line interface. Lots of improvements are about to come in further releases. - Rajgopal Vaithiyanathan.



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Mywebchatbox - MyWebChatbox is a webbased chatbox using PHP and Javascript; no java applets.

MyWebChatbox is a chatbox that has the purpose to provide a messenger/chatbox experience without using Java applets, and using the modern AJAX techniques. The backend is written in PHP, and the frontend in Javascript. The only thing you need is a webserver with Apache or similar, PHP and MySQL and some nice friends!

Guesto - A PHP- powered guestbook / shoutbox / chatbox with many features including spam stop, word

A PHP- powered guestbook / shoutbox / chatboxFeatures: - IP banning - efficient spam stopper (BETA) - word filter for curse words (also supporting replacing words with others) - everything can be controlled in browser - special markup for admin messages - chatting made easy - remembering used nickname via cookies


An easy to configure PHP chatbox solution for websites that require an easy to use, secure chat facility.

Django-chatbox - A simple drop in chat box app for the django framework

I needed a simple chat app for a website I'm responsible for. It should be easy to drop into any page on the site, and not drag along a lot of cruft onto the page. Dependencies: Dojango Dojo

Everything2chatbox - A chat client for the website

What is this?Chatbox is a client for the public chat feeds of the website Everything2. It allows you to send and receive messages public and private messages. The interface is themable, and the colour scheme can be selected at runtime. It is a fully-featured chat client which also show other feeds such as other users, new writeups, with an advanced themable user interface. NB The text (chat and articles) shown in this program are user-generated content from the Website everything2, and the vario

Talc-thread - An ajaxy chatbox merged with a single forum thread, anon style, powered by php, sqlite

A single topic is active at one moment in time, anonymous (or not so anonymous) commenting is the main idea. Updates are gathered in a real-time-like illusion using ajax from a long polling resource.

Pwh312 - Perfect World H

Install this if u get .Net framework X.X error : PWH Chatbox pwh312.chatango<2><.><2:0>com Colorful wordsss : BLUE(GUILD) : <1><WATuWANT2SAY><1:0> GREEN(TEAM) : <2><WATuWANT2SAY><2:0> note that there is a invisible blank b4 <1> or <2> copy it too Alt+43681 Image Uploader: www.image-share<2><.><2:0>com EmoIcon Spam(up to 6~8): <0><><0:

Gtalk-web-bridge - A bridge that can connect visitor and webmaster of website though gtalk.

A bridge that can connect visitor and webmaster of website though gtalk. In fact, it's hard to talk with more than 5 visitors. You'd better to improve the javascript so that user can determine whether talk with you. TBD... Admin/chat [all|someone], just chat with someone or broadcast to all online visitor. your can get the visitor's id using /admin list. /script [all|someone], under this mode, the admnistrator can send javascript to visitor's browser, the browser will excute this script. for exa

Tfsbox - TrueFusion Shoutbox

Shoutbox written in PHP; makes use of AJAX. Interchangeable storage methods: may use flatfiles or MySQL. Flatfiles do not necessarily require to be placed in the same directory. Changing location for flatfiles, however, requires some programming knowledge. Feature OverviewMinor HTML support for shout formatting Over 60 smilies Custom Smiley Support Advanced Admin Control Panel Shout Management User Management (MySQL required) IP Management URL Management Word Filter User System (MySQL required)