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CHASERS is a web/database application for non-profits. It is used by Downtown Emergency Service Center, a homeless service agency, to track clients, services and agency operations. It has been used adapted for fundraising and other purposes too.



Related Projects


A GUI comparison tool that automates diffs detection between versions. You can record and play scenarios on two different releases of the same app (in sequential or parallel mode); jDiffChaser compares both screens and shows you the differences.

AGENCY Software

AGENCY is a Free Software Data System for Nonprofits and others

Upenn-pursuitclient - Java Client for Pursuit (STWING, UPenn)

Java Pursuit ClientA Java GUI client for the programming game "Pursuit". Pursuit is created and copyrighted by Alex Rattner and Carl Mackey. Client by Duyun Chen and algorithms by Seth Shannin. Manual Entries for Introduction and Rules of Play: 1 IntroductionPursuit simulates a planar 2 player game of tag where a fast chaser tries to touch a slower chasee in a limited amount of time. This game di#11;ffers from most computer games in that we have only developed a complete server. It is up to you, th


A very simple game programmed using the Allegro game library. Basically a 2 player tag, each player controlling a colored box or quot;pixelquot;. The red pixel is the chaser, and the blue pixel is the runner.

avrtoolbox is a repository for Atmel AVR software libraries.

I strongly encourage collaboration. If you want to participate please contact me. Some of the materials in this repository have extra documentation located at avrtoolbox Design Philosophyavrtoolbox is a collection of open source educational tools for learning about and using Atmel AVR (8-bit) microcontrollers with the standard Atmel AVR Toolchain: AVRStudio/WinAVR/avrdude. Because the AVR architecture varies among sub-families, it would be very difficult to create co

Ream-project - ReAM - Renewal eAthena Modification

Custom based modification based on kRO Renewal. It includes the new classes(Rune Knight, Warlock, Arch Bishop, Ranger, Mechanic, Glt Cross, Royal Guard, Sorcerer, Minstrel, Wanderer, Genetic & Shadow Chaser) and new calculations such as new aspd formula, base statuses and etc.

Tubechaser - Tube Chaser: An Android client for London Underground

Tube Chaser is an Android application for getting quick access to the London Underground status, with live departures. It's the ONLY open source Tube application for Android (as far as I can tell) licensed under GPLv3, using Google's recommended UI guidelines. See the Tube Chaser Web Site Available Features Tube Status overview (Green, Orange, Red) DLR support Nearby Stations (from Android location services: Network, Wifi, GPS) Browse Stations by line Station se

Fps-project - The Blender Game Engine FPS Project

First Person Shooter ProjectFor a long period of time, we were casually working on an online multiplayer first-person shooter made in the Blender Game Engine. Recently, me (Chase) and Geoff have begun rewriting everything. Again... :) We're focusing on completing an online multiplayer experience in the BGE, which we of course intend to release as open source to the community for others to dissect, and use in their own projects. People involved: Chase Moskal (Chaser) Geoff Gollmer (Gomer) Martins

mine - my-chaser