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Get lyrics information using ChartLyrics Lyric API.



Related Projects

Spotifycontrol - A simple way to control spotify without opening the main window

A simple project designed to help the user control the spotify player without opening the main window. With Aero integration and customizable global hot-keys and notifier showing when the track has changed, lyrics downloading and auto-updater and soon remote control and external artist/album track navigation. This application requires .NET Framework 3.5 to work. Download it from here: Pro

Lyrics-fetcher-for-iphone - Fetches lyrics for iPhone tracks

The program uses the as a lyrics provider and stores lyrics in a persistent store.

Icecast-now-playing-script - Some PHP code for the Icecast now playing feature

Currently this script has the following features, will add more in the future: Get the basic information of a given Icecast mount point Server status: ON AIR or OFF AIR Get extra information of the current song using‘s API: Album art image in different size Introduction and links of the current song, album and artist Buy links on Amazon, iTunes and 7digital Track list of the current album Album list of the current artist Cache album art images to local server Get lyric of the current s

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