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chaRME is a web based open source Risk management engine, which currently supports the steps necessary to implement and maintain an ISO/IEC 27001 compliant Information Security Management System. It also supports the international payment card standard P



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Charm-crypto - A Python-based rapid prototyping framework for cryptosystems

Charm is a framework for rapidly prototyping advanced cryptosystems. Based on the Python language, it was designed from the ground up to minimize development time and code complexity while promoting the reuse of components. It supports Base crypto library, including symmetric encryption schemes, hash functions, PRNGs, digital signature, encryption and lot more.

Charmming - CHARMMing is a public domain web based portal to the CHARMM molecular modeling package w

What is CHARMMingCHARMMing is a public domain web portal to the CHARMM molecular simulation program, which must be licensed separately. It includes functionality for uploading structures, visualizing them, and performing minimization, solvation, and classical molecular dynamics. MPORTANT NOTEAlthough you can set up CHARMMing for your own research group, CHARMM's license prohibits you from making it available to anyone who does not have a license. You are responsible for ensuring that access to y

Flickcharm-python - Qt widget charm to support kinetic scrolling

This is a Python (PyQt) port of Ariya Hidayat's elegant FlickCharm hack which adds kinetic scrolling to any scrollable Qt widget.

Ccas-web - A J2EE Website for the Charm City Art Space

This project is for a J2EE website for the Charm City Art Space. The website should support a new feed via a blog(already created) A calendar where you can view all music and art shows, as well as request dates. A Media section which shows pictures/video/sound of the art space An about section that describes the art space.

Yajdr - Yet Another Java Dice Roller

A fairly simple project that basically just simulates the rolling of dice for various roleplaying games. May be extended to include other aspects of roleplaying games (e.g. charms for Exalted, remote communication between instances, etc).

Cs-extension-desktop-girls - Desktop Girls on your New Tab Page

ChromeSoftware Desktop Girls for Google Chrome adds some charm to your new tab page. With ChromeSoftware Desktop Girls, each tab you open will feature a new beauty, with navigation buttons to browse to the next available beauty. The number of possibilities are simply endless.

Stratum - A first-person turn-based RPG in the spirit of both the Western and Eastern traditions

Stratum is an attempt to fuse the old-school charm of Western first-person turn-based RPGs with the strong story-driven style of Eastern RPG series. In addition, Stratum is geared towards user creation of content, up to and including entirely new "campaigns."

Charm - dsfd

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Ojai-cms - A better, more simplistic CMS.

OjaiCMS is the best way for small communities and organizations to display their content on the web. With an easy to use page creator, image editor and all the other needed tools, OjaiCMS allows literally anyone to create and maintain their own website with a layout they personally create.Unlike most CMS's, OjaiCMS is very easy to create templates for. There are no need to learn Smarty, or other templating engine. Simply use a few lines of very simple php, and everything works like a charm.