The Chaos List Project

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based on the list at The Chaos List Project aims to make playing Magic: The Gathering(tm) with this list easy. I would like any feedback you have.



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Blurredengine - 3D game engine

A free 3D game engine for windows development written in C++. This engine was used during production of the games "Qb" and "Chaos Theory", both developed by blurredVision. The 3D engine is based on DirectX 9.0c for rendering and uses OpenAL as Sound System. There is a scripting part using LUA 5.1. Included is a 2D GUI that provides all the basic 2D GUI elements, including windows, buttons, menus, dropdowns, lists and many more. The 3D rendering itself still uses a lot of pure DirectX code, which

Wc3proxy - WC3Proxy allows you to play Warcraft 3 multiplayer over the internet without using Battle

OverviewThis program allows you to play Warcraft 3 multiplayer over the internet without using Battle.Net. It does this by forwarding data between your network and the host so that they appear to be on the same LAN. It is based on a similar program called LanCraft. (Thanks to the creators of LanCraft: ttol and Coolest. I have been using it for years.) Features Displays game details (Name, map, players etc) Can act as a proxy for multiple clients on a LAN. Has a system tray icon that shows popups

Quirkysoft - Software for the Nintendo DS.

About BunjallooBunjalloo is a web browser for the Nintendo DS. It is free software and under active development. Bunjalloo can display simple pages, follow links and view images. Download the latest release View the current changelog View a list of the changes planned for future versions The code can be built for the DS or for Linux using SDL. As the DS version does not run on emulators here are a couple of screen shots from the SDL version: About Chaos - The Battle of WizardsUp to 8 wizards com

Diod - distributed I/O daemon

diod is an I/O forwarding server that implements a variant of the 9P protocol from the Plan 9 operating system. When paired with a modern version of the v9fs Linux 9P client, diod allows a file system to be exported over a TCP/IP network in a manner similar to NFS. The file system that is exported can itself be NFS or a parallel file system like Lustre or GPFS. This can be done with minimal loss of distributed semantics because the v9fs client (when used with appropriate mount options) has no pa

Gestp - Group communication, debt, and shopping list

“Group Expense Supply Tracker�is a project that enable roommates, housemates, or just friends to keep track better track on their communal finances and shopping needs. It will do so by letting them track the amount of money owed to one another and create and share an organized personal and communal shopping list with others in an interconnected group via a client program connected to a server based database. Team MembersRoy Yu Jeffery Chao Brent Davey Carlos Cao Cao More information can be f

Sunspotframework - SunSPOT Framework

SunSPOT Framework for CS4233Updates By Sunday, October 5th 2008 1. Port project onto Hundson. This requires us to port in Ant file which I've already figured out. There is an issue with this. The Ant file of Demo and Framework are placed in reverse order. The Ant file in Demo project should contain deploy functionality and the one in Framework should simply contain compile, jar and test. By Tuesday, October 7th 2008 1. Display functionalities list (Don). Completed. 2. Accelerometer functionaliti


A list of things to do, to pack and tips on attending a congress, especially Chaos Communication Congress.

ChaosCommunity - manage and share task and shopping lists in shared flats

manage and share task and shopping lists in shared flats

chaos-spawn - Chaotic spawning for elixir

Inspired by netfix's chaos monkey. This library is intended to be a low level process based equivalent. It works by storing a list of procceses that are periodically terminated at random. Helper modules are provided to make it easy to register proceses as ones that can be killed. The intention is that this should force the design of an app's supervision tree to actually work.