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Groovy, Funky Channel 27! The only CMS with a hologram developer! 'Channel 27' is a hierarchical page-centric CMS, with support for multiple users and user levels. A simple and very modular design means it is easy to extend and maintain.



Related Projects

Gozerbot - a python irc and xmpp bot

WELCOME TO GOZERBOTI am pleased to present to you version 1.0 of GOZERBOT, a IRC and Jabber(XMPP) bot. This is the final and last release of GOZERBOT, new development will continue with the JSONBOT at I will fix security bugs when i am still around, if you find any bugs please report them on requirementsa shell python 2.5 or higher sqlite3 (already in 2.7) optional is SQLAlchemy support .. enable this in gozerdata/mainc

Les-indemodables - Regroupement de jeux connus en console.

Les jeux indémodables est ensemble de jeux codés en C (dont une partie en Python2.7 en ce qui concerne la génération automatique de quelques fichiers comme le Makefile) par un petit groupe de personnes. Tous les jeux sont en console et utilisent Curses (pdcurses pour windows). Le son est géré par SDL_Mixer. Prochainement, réécriture des Jeux Indémodables : Nouvelle gestion du son Gestion des événements Affichage des menus en jeu ... Nous sommes sur IRC : :

Highlightaggregator - A nick highlight aggregation utility for weechat.

This is a python WeeChat plugin that collects highlighted messages. I prefer weechat as an irc client, but have noticed all too often that I'll leave my weechat session for an hour, a day, or a weekend, and I will come back and have had multiple nickname highlights where other irc denizens have addressed me, yet it's difficult (and time consuming) to search each backlog looking for them - nevermind the fact that there may be multiple nick highlights in the same buffer. The idea here is to aggreg

Reddwarf-periodic-profiler - Simple profiler for Reddwarf server that writes summary of executed tas

Reddwarf game server already has some profiler, which writes all tasks to big binary log and needs special gui program to analyze results. reddwarf-periodic-profiler is much more simple: it collects information about executed tasks and every minute appends TOP 20 tasks to text file. So, this profiler can be used to monitor reddwarf on other servers without need to copy big logs between machines. InstallationTo use this profiler you need to do following: download latest release: reddwarf-periodic

Sqlalchemy-migrate - SQLAlchemy Schema Migration Tools

Schema migration tools for SQLAlchemy, designed to support an agile approach to database design, and make it easier to keep development and production databases in sync, as schema changes are required. Python 2.6 and 2.7 are supported. If you are interested in a Python 3 port you might want to help. Have a look at issue 93 for current progress. If you want to help with the Python 3 port you may consider to donate via Elveos. SQLAlchemy-migrate 0.7.2 is compatible with SQLAlchemy 0.6.x and 0.7.x.

Fofix - Frets on Fire fork with plenty of features, customizable themes and options

(Frets on Fire X) Downloads of the latest stable version (3.121) are in the sidebar and on the Downloads tab.Downloads of the latest unstable version (4.0.0 alpha 1) are on the Downloads tab.Visit our IRC channel: #fofix on OFTC (web interface)NewsNovember 27, 2010Version 4.0.0 alpha 1 released The first alpha of what will eventually become FoFiX 4.0.0 has been released. There is a lot of work still remaining to be done, but this alpha will let you preview and check out what has been done so far

Slimrat - One-click hosters downloader for Linux

AboutSlimrat is a command-line and graphical application for automated downloading from file hosters like Rapidshare, Megaupload, Depositfiles and many more. The current version is 1.0. Usage surveyPlease help us improve slimrat. This survey should take about 5 minutes or less to complete. Thanks for your feedback! Slimrat usage survey News2010-09-29 Rapidshare changed, please update. updated plugin from svn; Issue report; Beta 2 in downloads has Rapidshare plugin updated 2010-09-17 Version 1.1

Pyresample - Geospatial image resampling in Python

Resampling (reprojection) of geospatial image data in Python. Pyresample uses a kd-tree approach for resampling. Pyresample is designed for resampling of remote sensing data and supports resampling from both fixed grids and geolocated swath data. Several types of resampling are supported including nearest neighbour, gaussian weighting and weighting with a user defined radial function. Pyresample works with Numpy arrays including support for masked arrays. Support for parallel resampling using mu

Quickanddirty - The quick and dirty collection of scripts, applications and ideas

As we develop misc number of python scripts and small applications with Qt/C++, you can download them from here and use them as you like.. Some stuff also for Atmel AVR 8-bit MCU as well :p Mainly these are small ones and unmaintained, but might come handy. ;) If you have any questions you can contact us using Table of ContentsTable of ContentsNews7/2011 - Idea: Safe Way to Home6/2011 - Livetransfer5/2011 - Motion stabilized web browser for mobile devices4/2011 - A

Gnome-pulse-applet - Gnome PulseAudio applet

DescriptionThis is simple applet for controlling PulseAudio streams. Current version (0.3) has mono volume controlling and mute/unmute features. Applet requires Python (2.5 and 2.6 tested) with ctypes, PyGTK, Gnome and PulseAudio. If you want to install it, check HowToInstall wiki page. If you want screenshots see Screenshots page See what is changed from Changelog page. News and Current status-- 1.3.2012 - If you are using Gnome3, you can use Advanced volume mixer. -- 26.12.2010 Created StatusI