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Changetrack logs modifications of a set of files, and allows recovery of the tracked files from any stage of development. The changes are presented in a powerful web-based form, a text file, or an email message. A handful of options allow situation-specif



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Domainframework - The Workgroup "IT Architecture" in Stuttgart / Germany is on the quest f

There is suprisingly no real technical support for DomainDrivenDesign -- and there exist just many problems - things disoputing against clean seperation of domain and infrastructure code. Among others these are: Missing in Domain Layer: Dirty Detection Functional Tracing Lazy Loading / Domain Proxies Model Synchronisation Application Transactions Undo / Redo Data Binding Validation - JSR303 here is a good step Entity, Value Historisation Versioning Metadata Configuration and Contexts Needful Inf


knockout-validator is an extensible model validation system for knockout framework, that besides normal validations it handles well nested validations and array validations. Validation is performed on the view model. The UI can selectively register to display validation result...


TomCdc is a solution which makes tracking of sql databse changes easy. Quick and simple installation process allows to start using the solution in just a few minutes. It supports all versions of Microsoft Sql server. You'll no longer have to write triggers manually to find ou...

RxChangeTracker - Reactive Rx Based ChangeTracking

Reactive Rx Based ChangeTracking

node-trackchange - Transparent change-tracking using Harmony Proxies.

Transparent change-tracking using Harmony Proxies.


Migration of ChangeTracker module from C++/Tcl Slicer3 to C++?/Python Slicer4

ChangeTracker - Plugin for SublimeText editor to highlight changes made in file since last save

Plugin for SublimeText editor to highlight changes made in file since last save


A Scala (and maybe some day Java) API for data persistence with CouchDB in an old-fashioned three tier architecture. Similar in spirit to JPA. Plain Scala objects can be mapped to JSON documents in CouchDB and a unit of work takes care of change-tracking and optimizing the communication with CouchDB, for example via efficient use of the _bulk_docs target. This is also my personal Scala playground.