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This program serves as a link between two or more chat networks, allowing users on one network to communicate with users on another network. For example, you can be logged onto and be talking to people on IRC and people on AIM at the same tim



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Jchannel - An imageboard written in Java

jchannelAn imageboard written in Java, designed to run on Glassfish, with a GWT front end, using JPA/EclipseLink for persistence.

Wishmaster - Wishmaster is an imageboard viewer with advanced image management features

Wishmaster is supposed to be a browser for imageboards, that has some of the advanced features, that can be helpful, due to the special nature of the imageboard communication. Currently, it supports following imageboards: Also, any imageboard, that runs one of the supported standard engines, is likely to work. Please note, that you still have to add appropriate entries into the chans.xml. Curr

Moriarty - A simple PHP library for accessing the Talis Platform

Moriarty is a simple PHP library for accessing the Talis Platform. It follows the Platform API very closely and wraps up many common tasks into convenient classes while remaining very lightweight. It also provides some simple RDF classes that are based on the excellent ARC2 class library. Moriarty is in continual beta, subject to occasional rapid bursts of change. Moriarty is useful for accessing core Store services including sparql, contentbox querying, facetting and augmentations creating chan

Wow-armory-siggen - Thrissa's Signature Generator

PHP project that takes player XML data from World of Warcraft Armory and generates a signature image based on the data recieved. Hosting back online at: if you're just looking for a sig :) Still needs a license added to it. Here's an unofficial one: You may copy/modify/reproduce any part of the work here, and use it for whatever you like. If you retain core parts of the code, acknowledgment of my work somewhere would be great. I encourage you to release your chan

Birdsofwar1946 - Birds of War

PROGRAM DEVLOPMENT: ONGOING Welcome to the development home of Birds of War: 1946, provided kindly by Google. The programmer is was born in '87 and living in Ontario, Canada. over a week I am happy to release the first version of Birds of War: 1946. The game is by no means done, but the engine is pretty much there. (Please note that some of the artwork used for this game are the work of Ari Feldman, used under the CPL license. Thanks Ari! If you have any suggestions at all for new features, chan

Minecraft-coder-pack - Minecraft Coder Pack

Minecraft mod creator pack 2.8 for Minecraft 1.2_02Prerequisites: Install Java SDK Standard Edition (short JDK). Link: Add the paths to your JDK and JRE bin folders to the Environment Variable PATH. Example for Windows users of what you have to add to the variable (entries are seperated by ; ) C:\\Program Files\\Java\\jdk1.6.0_23\\bin;C:\\Program Files\\Java\\jre6\\bin TODO: need to added instructions for linux and macHow to use: Prepare t

Group01-cmpt275 - M-Learning Project for CMPT275 at SFU Burnaby

Team Enigma Presents: EnSoLA learning platform for students Member Profile:Darren Zhao Chen Li David Hwang Jason Chan ProjectIn order to provide a more interactive learning environment for international students,specifically ESL students, a learning platform will be created. Such platform will include a SQL database for storing user inputted quizzes and answer keys. A forum will be included as well, where all students are welcome to have open discussions. An open source dictionary will also be i

Hydrogenfx - A Complete Ripoff of KusabaX and Serissa

Hydrogen is a modified version of the now unsupported Kusaba software. I have based this software off of serissa ( and taken some code from KusabaX ( The goal is to add easier managing features and overall minor enhancements. Some enhancements that have already been completed include keyword autobans, easy analytic script embedding (quantserve, google analytics) and easy ad placement.Sorry the download hasn't been updated recently. I have a lot of testing to do and a lot

Enviswitch - Allowing you to switch between your web site environments.

Project has been moved to github EnviSwitchEnviSwitch(Environment Switch) I have been looking for something to write for a while and thought this would be a good first attempt. The basic idea behind it is that you can set up a website folder which will then have multiple site environments added to it. These environments should, ideally, be for the same domain with a different sub domain e.g.,,, etc... Will upload v0.2.1 here when I get the chan

Eris-flash-irc-client - Flash IRC Is Great For People That Cannot Use A Regular Client No Download R

Eris Flash IRC Client is Powered and developed by MyLatinChat IRC NetworkNEW UPDATE: We just added the new WEBCAM feature to our Flash IRC Client, so now you can watch your friends online!!! we are currently looking and accepting links to our IRC Network. What is it about?Flash IRC Is Great For People That Cannot Use A Regular Client No Download Required. IRC Is Short For Internet Relay Chat And Can Be Used With A Normal IRC Client. Such As mIRC Eris is an IRC client, in Flash. Coded entirely in