Champollion Tool Kit

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Built around LDC's champollion sentence aligner kernel, Champollion Tool Kit (CTK) aims to providing ready-to-use parallel text sentence alignment tools for as many language pairs as possible.



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Champollionexplorer - Champollion Explorer: Sort your files by date and type whatever their location

Champollion Explorer is a very simple file sorter that generates two HTML pages with views of all files available in your directories. It sorts them by date (timeline of all files in specific folders) and by type (all types of files in specific folders) whatever their location is on the hard drive. Version 0.3 is available for download.

Corpusfiltergraph - Cross-platform toolbox to extract, filter, align and transform text data from mu

Media filter graph metaphor Workflow manager for parallel language data Configuration-driven, modular filters Reusable plug-in architecture Standardized base-classes Statistical machine translation SMT is growing from an academic novelty to a commercially viable capability. High quality parallel linguistic corpora drive SMT's high quality translations. If you are looking to transform your existing asset of translation memories (and other parallel language data) into valuable training corpus that


A Scala port of the LDC's Champollion sentence aligner for document-aligned parallel corpora.

champollion - duck punching linkparser library for fun and profit

duck punching linkparser library for fun and profit