Graffiti CMS Chalk Extensions

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Custom Chalk Extensions for Telligent's Graffiti CMS product - Graffiti CMS is a simple content management system from Telligent. Graffiti uses Chalk to render themes. Chalk a very simple templating language - a combination of NVelocity and Graffiti go...



Related Projects

Handy Stuff for Palm OS 5

Stuff for PalmOS 5 PDAs. Capitalizer (GPL) for Graffiti 1 capitalizes divider crossing characters. PartialMySkinSource (BSDL) includes a bunch of code for DIA-area keyboards. NVBackup backs up NVFS Palms. All code can be used under GPL, some also BSD.

Graffitiblog - Graffiti Blogging Module

A plug-in/module which enhances Graffiti's blogging capabilities.

Bright Cove Video Storage controls for Community Server

Utilizes the Bright Cove media API to enable Chameleon style Community Server controls in customized versions of Community Server platform from Telligent. Developed in C#. *Neither Bright Cove nor Telligent are currently contributors to this project.

Graffitiblogext - Graffiti Blog Extensions Plugin

A plugin which enhances the blogging features and functionality of Graffiti CMS. Current FeaturesAdds a comments RSS feed Receives and automatically sends trackbacks and pingbacks Can ping blog update services (defaults to Ping-O-Matic, but configurable) Extends RSS feeds with GeoRSS support. RequirementsGraffiti CMS 1.0.1, 1.1, or 1.2 ASP.NET 2.0 or higher FutureNOTE: The current release does not work with the open source version of Graffiti CMS without recompiling. Future development of Graffi

Graffiti-slideshow - Graffiti Slide.Show Photo Gallery Plugin

Description:A set of Graffiti CMS plugins that render a Silverlight photo gallery on a post page. They use the the open source Slide.Show Silverlight photo gallery control. Versions:Version 1.2This is the most current version. Uses a slightly customized version of the improved Slide.Show2 control. Slide.Show2 is written in 100% managed code using Silverlight 2.0 and deployed as a XAB file. It requires Graffiti CMS 1.1 or above. This version currently contains two photo gallery plugins. The diffe

Flickrwall - A wallpaper application integrated with Flickr

FlickrWall is an application to jazz up your desktop wallpapers. The application connects with to find stunning and vibrant images and applies them as your wallpaper. Currently the application gets amazing graffiti creations, but as time progress the theme structure will grow. The technical details: Written and tested on Ubuntu 7.10 with python 2.5 and connects to using flickrpy(

Archive Calendar Widget for Graffiti CMS

The JmbCalendar is a full-featured monthly archive calendar widget for Graffiti CMS. Being a widget it can only appear in one of the two sidebars.

Graffiti32 - Unistroke Recognizer inspired by [Palm OS Graffiti v1] and [$1 Unistroke Recognizer]

A Windows Win32 application for recognizing unistroke gesturesUsage: This program is suitable for usage with tablets and touch screens for entering text where needed. Selecting where the text will be entered is defined by dragging application interior to a targeted text area. Algorithm: Most of ideas are taken from $1 Unistroke Recognizer and my personal Palm m505 experience. Building: Microsoft Visual Studio: add .\\inc in Tools | Options | Projects and Solutions |VC++ Directories | Include fil