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A baseball scorebook and statkeeping application, compatible with the Retrosheet file format for baseball play-by-play.



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Wlcp - WLCP generates user-customizable lessons by downloading subscription ChinesePod content.

The WLCP (We Love ChinesePod) software aims to make learning Chinese from the ChinesePod website much more effective and efficient by allowing premium content subscribers to easily download lessons for off-line/mobile usage in a user-customizable format. WLCP is implemented as a Python script that downloads ChinesePod lesson data and stores it in XML and MP3 format; XSLT and CSS stylesheets then allow for transparent, user-customizable rendering of the lessons. NewsSeptember 12, 2009 Version 200

Xmltojson - Convert XML to JSON using standard XSL transformation.

Provides for the conversion of XML to JSON using a single XSL file and config.xml file. Supports BadgerFish convention or complete customization of JSON output. Provides the following features: BadgerFish Convention Custom attribute property prefix and suffix Custom text property prefix and suffix Custom property and property value wrappers Datatyping based on any or exact match using standard xpath expressions. Support for date, datetime, boolean, number, native JavaScript function and strings.


Experimental regex library for d


A game called Got The Munchies, built using Bryan Chadwick's JavaWorld libraries


Chadwick, the Scientific Pencil Sharpener, is a highly intelligent, slightly rude Asian genius capable of relaying the grade 9 science semester in a single, summarized, user-friendly fashion.