Ch4 - TFS Test

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this is a test to see if TFS is enabled as a codeplex option in WAWS



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Konsider - Konsider - A thought - taking application

Konsider is a Microsoft OneNote application written for KDE4. It aims to integrate with Kontact, the KDE PIM suite Konsider is slated for release on 31st Mar2008ch

Sms-widget - KDE4 SMS Widget

A KDE4 SMS Widget, written in Ruby and Qt (KDE/Plasma) Right now there is only support for Orange Switzerland (, but the goal is to support as many providers as possible. Current releases are under

Log4j-contrib - Log4j contributions

IntroductionThis project enhance log4j by some additions. DownloadJar and sources are located in my Maven 2 repositories. Releases: FeaturesRepository SelectorA RepositorySelector is the part of Log4J that allows each application context to have its own Log4J configuration and its own Logger hierarchy. See this article for a full explanation: Jboss wiki has a sample implementation

Ghg-monitoring-and-reporting - Green House Gas Monitoring and Reporting System

Web based system for Green House Gas Monitoring and Reporting. Sistem Monitoring dan Pelaporan Emisi Gas Rumah Kaca berbasis Web. Sistem ini membantu user (perusahaan minyak dan gas) untuk melakukan: 1) Registrasi Sumber Emisi 2) Update Parameter Penentu Emisi 3) Kalkulasi Beban Emisi 4) Membuat Laporan Beban Emisi Parameter Emisi Gas Rumah Kaca yang termasuk dalam perhitungan sistem ini adalah: 1) CO2 2) CH4 3) N2O 4) SOx 5) NOx 6) PM 7) nmVOC Metodologi Perhitungan dan Format Pelaporan yang di

Aes4web - Encrypt data into web-safe strings

Using AES through pyCrypto ( library, we create base64 encoded strings suitable for use in URLs or Cookies. My use is as follows: >>> import json>>> from aes4web import AES4WEB>>> >>> data = { "some key": "some value"}>>> json_string = json.dumps(data)>>> crypto = AES4WEB('password')>>> cipher = crypto.encrypt(json_string)>>> cipher'UFbxBcRt-chB0zkOjrcxdCeWeRKxToYuBRnifNu4IxpKj0kVcgNbo_aC27IgGneP'>>> >>> # cipher is a string safe for urls.... >>> # to deco

Pyxmlcheck - XML validation tool for Python

xcheck 0.4.4 -- Tools for validating XML in Python xcheck is used to validate xml in Python. No other code is required. XCheck objects can: use different rules to determine the content of XML elements validate ordered and unordered elements xcheck objects are callable, and can check: real data strings that represent real data ElementTree.Element objects Text representing an ElementTree.Element object There are a few rules about the assumptions xcheck uses. xcheck is designed to validate XML-Data


ChWP serves as a WebSpeed replacement. It allows you to web-enable your PROGRESS 4GL application. It is written in C and PROGRESS 4GL. It works with PROGRESS version 8.2 and above.

Screencompare - Automatically compare browser-viewports pixel-wise with unit tests

AboutScreencompare is a Selenium-based JUnit-framework to compare browser-viewports pixel-wise. It basically opens your webpages in different browsers, makes screenshots and allows you to compare those automatically. This allows you to create automated visual layout-tests for full webpages or specific elements. This software was created as part of my bachelor thesis about Website Testing (pdf, german) at the University of Basel. ExampleCompare the rendering of "" in Firefox and IE with

Nukeviet-music - The Professional Module Music For Nukeviet 3.x

NUKEVIET-MUSICNukeViet 3.4 CMSNukeViet là má»™t hệ quản trị ná»™i dung (Content Management System - CMS) cho phép bạn quản lý các cổng thông tin Ä‘iện tá»­ trên Internet. Nói Ä‘Æ¡n giản, NukeViet giống nhÆ° má»™t phần má»�m giúp bạn xây dá»±ng và vận hành các trang web của mình má»™t cách dá»… dàng nhất. Module MusicMá»™t module của NukeViet 3.4. Vá»›i nhiá»�u tính năng giúp bạn nhanh chóng tạo ra má»™t website nghe nhạc chuyên nghiệp. Má