Chuchunco City 2005

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A 2D fighting game engine with an unique character creation and animation system.



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Simpleret - Simple Reverse Engineering Tool

This is a small portfolio & hobby project for reverse engineering Java/Enterprise Java applications. About ... Related & lovely projects: MaintainJ , a commercial tool, generate interactive sequence diagram from call trace. UMLGraph , drawing UML diagrams automatically and declaratively. PlantUML CodeCity , a really excellent tool, limited to non-commercial usage. Also you m

Autocomplete-server - AJAX autocomplete server and java library

OverviewA Java library supporting the server side for AJAX autocomplete. This project can be integrated in two ways: Standalone server : A standalone autocomplete HTTP server providing JSON / REST AJAX autocomplete functionality for any language. Java library : A jar providing Autocomplete datastructures that can be easily integrated into an existing Java projects. The library is build around an autocomplete tree that supports prefix queries on entities. Information about entities are stored in

Livegeo - LiveGeo is an application to compare population trends between two given locations at a ch

SpotRank predicts the density of people in predefined urban square-block areas worldwide at any hour, any day of the week. This is a comparison tool to evaluate population density between two chosen places at a given date and time. This will generally help user to choose route/place she is heading to. The evaluation happens on the basis of worldwide_rank, local_rank, trending_rank and city_rank and later plotted over a Google map. The application was developed in PHP and JavaScript. Please downl

Faker4scala - scala port of ruby faker

The project has moved to This is a Scala port of the ruby faker lib for generating sample data like names, addresses, companies, email addresses, telephone numbers and just nonsense text for testing purposes. Getting Started with Faker 1.2:import fake._object GenerateSomeData extends Application { //print some stuff for(i <- 0 to 10) { println("%s %s" format (, PhoneNumber.phone_number)) println("%s %s %s" format (, Company.catch_phrase,

Django-countries - World Countries or Django projects

Django CountriesNice little application for Django projects providing fixtures and models for a "complete" list of world countries and US states. Also throwing in a small template filter for getting country flags by ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code. InstallationJust check out the latest source and copy countries into your django site directory: svn checkout django-countriesadd countries to the list of installed apps and run syncdb and you're good

Fcollab - Solution for Freelance with Collaboration

Solution for Freelance with CollaborationWhat?FCollab is: Free and open source software For freelance websites With collaboration and issue tracking On Drupal CMS And coming soon... FCollab is not: The freelancer website To compete others When?Currently, our ideas become more and more perfect. We hope the DLC (downloadable content) of ideas and design will be ready on July 15th, and the first version (beta release) will be ready on September 25th. Just relax and travel on other freelance website

Openaddresses - Management of Open Source Geolocated Addresses is an Open Source web portail for the management of Open worldwide geolocated postal addresses. offers an easy to use address editing service and geocoding/reverse geocoding services based on address data. stores ONLY geolocated postal addresses. Features associated to postal addresses like persons, companies, point of interests are not part of openaddresses. aims to collaborate nicely wi

Can-tho-tour - An application gives useful information to travelers

This is Android project which aims giving information about Can Tho city to tourists and travelers Xây dựng ứng dụng web chạy trên điện thoại Android nhằm cung cấp bản đồ du lịch thành phố Cần Thơ. Ứng dụng sẽ hỗ trợ cho khách du lịch trong nước (tiếng Việt) và nước ngoài (tiếng Anh) trong việc tìm hiểu thông tin v� các địa điểm du lịch thông dụng như nhà hàng, quán cafe, khách sạn, quán bar... cũng như đá

lsnn - – City/Region creative people directory – City/Region creative people directory

Happy2 - Happy /Harvest 2

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