Combinatorial Game Suite

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Combinatorial games are two-player games with no hidden information and no chance elements. Well-known examples include Chess, Checkers, Go, and Dots-and-Boxes. An elegant mathematical theory of such games was described by Berlekamp, Conway and Guy, in the book Winning Ways (originally published 1982). Combinatorial Game Suite is a computer algebra system for fast calculations within this theory. It is designed as a research and educational tool for students and professionals working in the field. Some background knowledge in combinatorial game theory is assumed. Features include a customized scripting language (CGScript) for automating such calculations, and a full-featured GUI. First-time users (including users new to 1.0, but familiar with prior versions) are encouraged to work through the tutorial. To access the tutorial, first download and install CGSuite, and then select quot;Getting Startedquot; from the Help menu.



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