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Prolog+CG is a Java implementation of Prolog with extensions implementing a subset of the Conceptual Graph (CG) theory of John Sowa. CGs are first-class datatypes on a par with terms. Object oriented extensions are also included.

Skejula - A schedule made in java

Skejula will be a desktop schedule application made in java. Team:Cleber Gonçalves de Sousa: cgs.ccc AT gmail.comGabriel Assis Bezerra: gabriel.bezerra AT gmail.comTiago Almeida Reul: reul.tiago AT gmail.comVitor Morato Almeida: vitor.morato.almeida AT


A Ruby client for Evernote

Triumph-cap4053sp2011 - Game similiar to Fire Emblem being made for s project for cgs2421 at UF for

We are creating a game using XNA to be run on the PC. The game is called Triumph! and the slogan is "The Chess of the Gods." Features game play similar to Fire Emblem for the Wii.

Cismdxalgs - Algorithms for analysis of magnetic fields in CISM-DX

A library of macros for the analysis software CISM-DX (a.k.a Open-DX). These tools were built primarily for studying the Lyon Fedder Mobarry global MHD code, although they also work for any global magnetosphere model that can be imported into DX. For details of the analysis techniques, see the draft of our paper on the Downloads page. Video tutorials for each of the example nets can also be found there. The repository includes macros and tutorial nets for the following: 1) Obtaining cross sectio

Idl-coyote - IDL programs from Coyote's Guide to IDL Programming

IDL-Coyote is a library of IDL (Interactive Data Language) programs developed by David Fanning for teaching and illustrating IDL programming principles in IDL courses and on his IDL programming web page, Coyote's Guide to IDL Programming. Complete information about the Coyote Graphics System (CGS) can be found in David's latest book, Coyote's Guide to Traditional IDL Graphics. News3 March 2012: Created new Coyote Library download of tagged release 1.11.0, which includes many updates and the addi

Spec-offset-correct - An application for correcting offset effects in spectral data.

SpecOffsetCorrectAuthor: Garreth Ruane Please submit issues and suggestions to ruane.gary (at) SpecOffsetCorrect is a command line driven program that removes systematic error do to offsets in the spectral data. Input files must follow the following guidelines: Two column files are read as a wavelength and data column. Data can represent any parameter, such as absorption coefficient, transmittance, etc. Three column files are read as wavelength, data, and error. Four column files assu

Band-analysis-gui - A band parameter calculator for spectral processing applications.

BandAnalysisGUIAuthor: Garreth Ruane Please submit issues and suggestions to ruane.gary (at) Band Analysis is a spectral processing dialogue, which uses the Qt4 and Qwt packages. Given a text file containing a measured spectrum, the user interface allows continuum points (or point ranges) to be selected from a plot. These points define the edges of an absorption feature. The band minimum, band depth, FWHM, and asymmetry of each band can be calculated according to the method of Clark a

cgs2 - Exercicio CGS 2

Exercicio CGS 2

cgs_cnf - Code for cgs_cnf

Code for cgs_cnf