CFD General Notation System (CGNS)

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The CFD General Notation System (CGNS) provides a standard for recording and recovering computer data associated with the numerical solution of fluid dynamics equations.



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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solver aimed to solve multi-physics problems on unstructured grids (inviscid Euler, Navier-Stokes flows, Heat transfer). F90 based. MPI, cgns, Metis libraries used.

Mexcgns - MEX interface of CGNS for MATLAB and Octave

MexCGNS is an interface of CGNS for MATLAB and Octave through MATLAB Executables (MEX). CGNS CGNS is a de facto standard file format for exchanging data in CFD and other mesh-based simulations. It provides native C and Fortran interfaces. However, many users and developers in scientific and engineering computing use MATLAB and Octave for daily development work. MexCGNS provides the complete CGNS mid-level library interface to users through MEX functions. MexCGNS also provides some high-level int


CGNS++ is an object oriented interface to provide access to CGNS (CFD General Notation System) databases. It is similar to the existing C and FORTRAN interfaces provided by, but uses an object oriented abstraction of the underlying SIDS.

CGNS Browser

A user-friendly graphical user interface for browsing CGNS-files. A GTK+ based application.