Asp.Net Cgi Handler

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A simple HttpHandler to handle CGI's. This gives you the possibility to run CGI's in Visual Studio's development server or in Cassini.



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Httpmr - A scalable data processing framework for people with web clusters.

HTTP Map/Reduce: A scalable data processing framework for people with web clusters.Status: Beta HTTPMR is an implementation of Google's famous Map/Reduce data processing model on clusters of HTTP servers. HTTPMR tries to make only the following assumptions about the computing environment: Machines can be accessed only via HTTP requests. Requests are assigned randomly to a set of machines. Requests have timeouts on the order of several seconds. There is a storage system that is accessible by code

Gmemsess - A secure lightweight memcache-backed session class for Google appengine

gmemsessgmemsess is a secure lightweight memcache-backed session class for Google appengine. It is only suitable for short-term sessions, for providing your own authentication system or shopping cart, for instance. gmemsess is in use in at least one commercial application, and depending on memcache for data storage (rather than the datastore) has now been well proven. Security Featuresgmemsess works by storing an eight-character session ID in a cookie on the client's browser. Each character can

Dateconv4gae - Date converter (JST,PST,EST) for Google App Engine

Date converter module (JST,PST,EST) for Google App EngineUTC to PST or EST or JST license: public domain example: Copy to your directory (time.htm) PST: [{{t|toPst|date:"m/d H:i"}}] ( import datetimeimport wsgiref.handlersimport osfrom google.appengine.ext import webappfrom google.appengine.ext.webapp import templateclass TimePage(webapp.RequestHandler): def get(self): template.register_template_library('DateConvModule') template_values = { 't': datetime.datetime.n