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Cgiapp.class.php is a port of CGI::Application to PHP.



Related Projects

Cgi-app-chi - CHI plugin for CGI::Application framework for Perl

CGI::Application::Plugin::CHI provides a relatively thin, but convenient interface to Jonathan Swartz's CHI caching framework from your CGI-App application. The current release is CGI-Application-Plugin-CHI-0.01. Version 0.01 is not expected to be feature-complete, although the existing API is probably stable. Release distributions can be obtained from CPAN here.

Cgi-application-plugin-json - C::A plugin for easy manipulation of JSON headers

When communicating with client-side JavaScript, it is common to send data in X-JSON HTTP headers or through the document body as content-type text/x-json. This plugin adds a couple of convenience methods to make that just a little bit easier.

Cgi-application-search - Base class for CGI::App Swish-e site engines

A CGI::Application based control module that uses Swish-e API in perl ( to to perform searches on a swish-e index of documents. Features Sub-Classable. Unlike the Perl examples that come with swish-e, this is not a script, and can be customized without modifiying the original so that several sites may share the same underlying code. Uses CGI::Application::Plugin::AnyTemplate to allow flexibility in template engine choice (HTML::Template, Template-Toolkit or Petal). Built-in te

Scriptz - Fred Zhu's script for work and life.

My personal script for work and life, visit my weblog, or write a comment to me. sysadmin(svn) is a system manage web-app build by perl and python, a CgiApp Wiki page talk about c, perl, python in CGI, visit the wiki page SysAdmin to get more. Personal Scripts(svn) for server management or works, write by Shell, C, Perl or Python, a MyScript wiki page get more information. ScriptSnippet is my personal script wiki pages for work and life. MediaWikiPage is my study an work for media. PerlScript is

Cgi-application-plugin-apache - Allow CGI::Application to use Apache::* modules seamlessly

This plugin helps to try and fix some of the annoyances of using CGI::Application in a pure mod_perl (1.0 or 2.0) environment (see INSTALLATION for specific issues regarding installation under mod_perl 2.x). CGI::Application assumes that you use, but I wanted to avoid it's bloat and have access to the performance of the Apache:: modules so along came this plugin. At the current moment it only does two things: Use Apache::Request as the $self->query object thus avoiding the creation of the


A plugin for allowing CGIApp to access a DBIC schema and various related helper functions