CGI::Prototype Perl module family

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CGI::Prototype is a collection of Perl modules providing a flexible prototype-based MVC framework for both CGI- and mod_perl-based applications.



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Kbzb - a Perl port of the CodeIgniter PHP web application framework

Kbzb (pronounced 'kib-zib') is a Perl port of CodeIgniter, a kick-ass web application framework for PHP. CodeIgniter's goal "is to enable you to develop projects much faster than you could if you were writing code from scratch, by providing a rich set of libraries for commonly needed tasks, as well as a simple interface and logical structure to access these libraries." Why write yet another web framework when so many already exist (Maypole, Catalyst, Jifty. CGI::Prototype, CGI::Application, Gant

Pymine - The Mine Project - Python Implementation

Welcome to PyminePymine! is the first implementation of The Mine Project software, in Python/Django. See for an introduction about what Mine! software does, and a developer overview is available at Source code download is via Subversion as explained using the "Source" tab above, and occasionally we roll Ubuntu ".deb" packages which are available under the "Downloads" tab. For reference only, there is also the Mine! prototype,

Typist - Typist is a template engine and framework like the ones found in Movable Type and TypePad

Typist began as a prototype and mental exercise that is inspired by the template engines from in MT and TypePad.I spend most of my development time working with Movable Type and to a lessor extent. The vast majority of my Perl code is for Movable Type and when its not its creating an open source module for CPAN that works like something in MT.When I do have to develop something outside of Movable Type I reach for CGI::Application and Data::ObjectDriver which are quite similar to what MT provides

Cush - Cloud User Shell

Cloud User Shell (cush) multi-call executable brings cushy, RESTful cloud control to the command line. PhilosophyIt follows the wildly successful Unix philosophy: This is the Unix cloud computing philosophy: Write programs components that do one thing and do it well. Write programs components to work together. Write programs components to handle text HTTP streams, because that is a universal interface. RESTfulIt is also RESTful, clearly delineating the 3 sides of the REST Triangle: Verbs (constr

Leopia - Template base, fast and lightweight PHP web framework

Inherit GURUCORE design paradigm of Page - Pagelet Use jquery for frontend Use Savant3 - PHP-template base for serverside template Fully OOP Mục tiêuDự án này nhằm cung cấp một prototype dễ dùng, g�n nhẹ để các bạn lập trình viên PHP dễ dàng triển khai một website Loại hình, khả năngLeopia là phần m�m miễn phí có mã nguồn mở. Giấy phép sử dụng của Leopia hiện tại là GPL v3, tuy nhiên sự lựa ch�n loại giấy phép lú

quisp - quick server pages

QUIck Server Pages ... dynamic html generation with embedded SQL database and powerful data charting. Non-complex, minimalist, usable with any unix web server (CGI-based), root not required. Prototyping or production uses.

Jizdnirady - J2ME application for searching public transport connections in Czech Republic.

This J2ME application is the interface to Python script hosted on Project is in Czech language only. AktuálněVytvořeny stránky projektu, SVN je prozatím prázdné, archiv se soubory v�etně zdrojových kódů hledejte v �ásti Downloads. PopisAplikace slouží k hledání dopravních spojení převážně v České republice. Jedná se o mobilní aplikaci, jež k vyhledávání používá skript hostovaný na

Jorgenniemitest - A project with various test projects

WORKASSIGNMENTYour task- You are provided somewhat of a prototype made in HTML and CSS. - To make it functional you need to add PHP and javascript code. - Below are 3 questions. You are required to answer them all. The project is a very simple forum. Core features, such as users are missing, and need not be implemented. The moderator functions (deleting and editing) are thus available all the time. The prototype consists of four pages: - index.php, shows the list of threads in the forum. It allo

CGI-Prototype - Release history of CGI-Prototype

Release history of CGI-Prototype