Card Game Engine (CGE)

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This is a C++ Library that is used to make card games like Solitaire or maybe Poker.



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Test CGE

More information coming soon...

Universal-code-generator - Systems biology code translation tool.

Universal Code GeneratorUniversal is an extensible client-server Java tool for generating mathematical model code from a variety of input formats to one of several output formats. The input formats, for example, a comma delimited flat-files are read by Universal and converted into an Systems Biology Markup (SBML) tree in memory on the server. From the SBML tree, model code is generated in the C-programming language (GSL, SUNDIALS or an Octave C-module) or in Matlab M-code, Octave M-code or Scila

Cge2d - Comrade Game Engine 2D

Comrade Game Engine is a 2D Multi-OS Designed to be a robust and easy to use engine. Intended Features - Multithreaded Support - OpenGL and DirectX Graphics - Multiplayer - Zlib based content Storage System - Box2D Physics - Particle System (with physics) - Font Manager - Editor and Debugger support

cge_node - cge_node is a pubsub node+redis poc.

cge_node is a pubsub node+redis poc.


Grammatical Evolution in C

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