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CFUnit is a unit testing framework for ColdFusion (CFML), modeled after the popular JUnit framework.



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Org-corfield-cfmx - Sean Corfield's Open Source ColdFusion projects (CFEclipseFacade, Closures,

A variety of small Open Source projects for ColdFusion MX from Sean Corfield (An Architect's View). Currently this project contains: CFEclipseFacade - a cfcUnit-compatible version of the CFC required by the CFUnit plugin Closures for CFMX - inspired by closures in a variety of languages Concurrency for CFMX - inspired by Java 5's concurrency package Edmund - Event-based programming for ColdFusion IRCBot Event Gateway - this is a CFMX Event Gateway that acts as a channel bot on IRC Scripting - PH

Cfcblaster - ColdFusion bean generator

UPDATES: 4/18/2007: Created a new branch for the project to support using mySql. You can find it in the branches directory called cfcBlaster_mySql. 4/15/2007: I added a few new templates to let you create some different types of files. You can now generate list, detail and action cf pages from you db files. All this does is pump out a bunch of cf pages that let you manipulate your db. There are no business rules in there or data validation. You still have to do something with the output to make


Quickly determine which methods in a CFC are unit testable and what dependencies need to be mocked.