The CFML Community Platform

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This project differs from other Open Source projects - it will not only features OSS fuzzy-logic OCX methods, PHP tools and other software, but also have the well-known spirit of community with loooong discussions...



Related Projects

Railo - Accelerate Your Web Development

Railo is a fast, free, open-source cfml (coldfusion) server that gives unparalleled power to your web applications. Railo Server brings the best of both worlds, a simple markup language, CFML, and blazing fast performance. This great combination means you can both deliver the application in record time and that your application can deliver too!

Cfmlportlet - CFML Portlets

Implement JSR168 compliant portlets with a CFML engine.

railo - Railo is an Open Source CFML Server

Railo is an Open Source CFML Server

Cfarchitect - CFML/jQuery Application Framework

Architect intends to be an elegant framework that makes it simple to code single-page AJAX web-applications without fuss and without having to learn the "language" of a framework. This version is intended for OpenBD on Google's App-Engine (as is) but can easily be adapted to conventional CFML servers.

Openbluedragon - Open BlueDragon J2EE CFML runtime engine

Open BlueDragon J2EE CFML runtime engine Please report all bugs here pertaining to the Open Source version of BlueDragon only Main Project Site: Docs:


Converts Coldfusion (cfml) templates into PHP scripts.

Plasmium - OpenBD CFML/jQuery AJAX Framework for Google App-Engine

Plasmium is a suite of tools to facilitate fast and efficient web application design on Google's App-Engine. The project will consist of jQuery, OpenBD-GAE, and various plugins to handle the breadth of web-development issues. In addition the project will include examples on how to tackle various issues concerning the App-Engine. The intent is to provide a a working, turnkey foundation for any and every browser-based appp.


Free CFML (Cold Fusion Markup Language) interpreter. 100% Java, Tomcat and J2EE compatible