Curses File Manager

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A curses based filemanager loosely resembling emacs dired mode written in python.



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How This plugin got started My First Plugin

Sofls - Modelling Systems Of Life Safety

Modelling Enviroment for education's purposes, devoted to Systems Of Life Safety. The concept description can be founded there -

Rampp - RAMPP - Railo Apache Mysql PHP Portable

Railo Apache Mysql PHP Portable contains the Open Source Railo 3.1.1 CFML engine bundled and pre-configured to work with XAMPP 1.7.2 so you can run .cfm and .php files side by side using Apache. Xampp Railo Portable Includes the full version of XAMPP for Windows 1.7.2, (2009/08/10) XamppLite Railo Portable uses the Lite version of XAMPP for Windows 1.7.2 And Railo Server (railo-


SecureCFM is an application dedicated to the audit of ColdFusion source code, in order to detect then correct possible Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities.

Modules-framework - A simple framework for creating small modules. Available for PHP, ColdFusion, an

The modules framework is a small pseudo MVC framework I made to help me simplify small module development by abstracting the data, view and control functions to separate files. It is made to follow the convention-over-configuration ideology that was so popular a few years back and has since become the standard best practise for framework development. I have two versions: PHP and ColdFusion. The basic idea behind them is identical. In fact, if you compared the files side by side, you would find t

C2rtl - Project to develop the synthesis tool to translate C code to RTL

BackgroundC/C++ is the language for system engineers to develop the algorithm. VHDL/Verilog is the language for IC designers to develop the hardware. Normally, the C/C++ is translated to VHDL/Verilog by hand. This is tedious and error-prone process. Although industry exists some tools, such as Catapult C, Handel-C. They are far from perfect. Purpose of this projectThis project is to develop the tool based on a total different approach, which featuring: - AXI based synchronous handshaking - Resou


The project comprises numerous binaries, supporting 68k, Classic PPC, Carbon/Cocoa PPC and Cocoa on Intel. It supports dynamically loaded CFM or MachO plug-ins to edit resources, and is easily extendible by third parties.

Phpbloomfilter - PHP port of CPAN's Bloom::Filter

This is an attempted port of Maciej Ceglowski's CPAN's Bloom::Filter to PHP. Source: CPAN Bloom:Filter page From CPAN Description: A Bloom filter is a probabilistic algorithm for doing existence tests in less memory than a full list of keys would require. The tradeoff to using Bloom filters is a certain configurable risk of false positives. This module implements a simple Bl

Mesoscopictafficsimulationjava - A mesoscopic, intermodal traffic simulation based on Java and an th

The purpose of this project is the development of a mesoscopic traffic simulator in Java. Important features include: Traffic simulation using an adequate trade-off between microscopic accurateness and macroscopic efficiency. Explicitly including intermodal transfers and their impact Strict separation of model and experiment; the szenario to be investigated (network topology and load allocation) is represented using XML input files. The model logic is based on the findings of VITS project (see h

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