CFILE (Configuration File Management)

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CFILE is a distributed configuration file management system. Unlike many systems that try to provide a nice way to configure individual machines, CFILE provides a way to keep configuration consistant across an entrie group of machines.



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AboutLazyfile is a file organizer for lazy people. It allows you to save all your files to a folder and then automatically organize them neatly into folders. Using it is three simple steps: 1. Set a few rules using the lazyfile config tool 2. Start saving all your files to one folder (eg. C:\\Files) 3. Periodically run lazyfile to organize your files into folders For detailed help on using Lazyfile, see the Instructions RequirementsTo run Lazyfile, your computer must have Python installed. Lazyf

Liblightstorage - 轻�文件存储管�库

liblightstorage是一个轻é‡�的文件存储管ç�†åº“,利用buddy算法管ç�†å�˜é•¿æ•°æ�®çš„文件存储,利用hash算法管ç�†ç´¢å¼•æ•°æ�®çš„文件存储。开å�‘语言:C++。 利用buddy算法,文件被分为固定大å°�çš„æ•°æ�®å�—,分é…�以数æ�®å�—为å�•ä½�。其优点是接å�£ç®€å�•é«˜æ•ˆï¼Œé€šç”¨æ€§å¥½ï¼Œç¼ºç‚¹æ˜¯å®¹æ˜“产生文件碎片,文件有效利用率ä¸�能达到100%(根æ�®ä¸�å�Œçš„应用类型å�¯è‡ªå®šåˆ¶æ•°æ�®å�—尺寸和数é‡�,利用率一般å�¯ä»¥ä¿�è¯�在90%ä

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This is a simulation platform for various trustworthy networked-software applications. 放å�‡å‰�必须完æˆ�的事 1.å�„部分文档必须整ç�†é½�,格å¼�统一,打å�°åˆ�稿文档一本。文档è¦�求: >>现有工程中å�„个类都必须写入文档; >>工程类列表;(周芙蓉) >>工程全图第二版; >>GuiCtrl类的代ç �设计文档,GuiFrame类的代ç �设计文档;(关怡è��) >>Topo类(截至2010-1-22日)的代ç �设计文档;(æ�ŽçŽ‰ï¼‰ >>å·¥ç