Python Configuration Parser Module

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Python configuration parser module which supports arbitrarily deep hierarchical option quot;dictionariesquot; and partnership with the existing optparse (optik) python module. The API of this module will follow as close as possible the optparse model.



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News12 Jun 2010 - iniparse-0.4 released Fixed pickling and multiprocessing bugs Enabled auto-addition of config attributes via square bracket syntax 17 Apr 2010 - iniparse-0.3.2 released Utility function to tidy INI files Ability to change comment syntax for parsing Mercurial config files Added ConfigParser exceptions and constants to the top-level iniparse module 2 Mar 2009 - iniparse-0.3.1 released Fix empty-line handling bugs introduced in 0.3.0 27 Feb 2009 - iniparse-0.3.0 released Fix handl