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Simple library for reading and validating appsettings with ease.



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A Tool to cheat and config the PC-Game: System Shock 2.

General-data-import - General data import

CxddDataImport java utility is general data import utility which load data from symbol separated input text files into Oracle and MS SQL tables. CxddDataImport utility has additional UTILITY_NAME paremeter in comparison with data import utilities from previous CxDD projects. All CxddDataImport utility parameters are held in the configuration files. Paths to configuration files are specified in the following command line: …java -classpath … parexel.dtspackages.CxddDataImport [DB_CFG [EMAIL_CF

Mrtgwebcfg - MRTGWebCfg - is a PHP written tool which provides Web based interface for managing MRTG

MRTGWebCfg - is a PHP written tool which provides Web based interface for managing MRTG config, plotting custom RRD plots, plotting graphical data on Web pages. Project Home Page

Environment Settings Manager

Easy-to-use tools for software projects that have dynamic configuration settings where values may vary per deployment environment (dev, test, production, etc.). Includes Excel workbook and export tool that writes to various XML formats.


SharpConfig is an easy to use configuration file library for .NET.

Xmldb4java - db xml for java

XmlDB for javaUse:Copy this file in the classpath of your library. Set xmldb.connection Code: Configuration cfg = new Configuration(); cfg.buildConfiguration(); SessionFactory sessionFactory = cfg.getSessionFactory(); Session session = sessionFactory.getSession(); Transaction tx = session.beginTransaction(); Cellulare cellulare = new Cellulare(); cellulare.setDettaglio("12345666767882"); Contatto contatto = new Contatto(); contatto.setCognome("Cognome"); contatto.setNome("Nome")

Touchleaguesharp - A C# wrapper and API for the service

TouchLeagueSharpThis API (wrapper really) access the competition API. You can use the API to create social turn based games for mobile platforms (or full games if you would like). The following API calls are implemented: BrowseMyGamesBrowseLadderChallengeNonUserGetTurnStateGetUserProfileRemoveRequestRequestMatchSetTurnStateThis Project Requires Json.Net which can be downloaded here: You will need the following in your .config file: <appSettings> <add

Autocfgbackup - AutoCfgBackup is a platform-independant tool to automatically collect and archive co

AutoCfgBackup is primarily intented for a larger network. As soon as you have a certain, maybe even growing number of network devices to manage, you need to take care of the configuration; you’ll want to have each device’s config in place in case of a failure, configuration mistake, whatever. AutoCfgBackup will run from cron. It will download configuration from all network devices, which you configured for backup. There’s also the possibility to copy the device’s config by some other mea

Persistentdict - A python module similar to shelve but using an sqlite3 (or other) database as a bac

pdict is a simple module that provides a dict-like type called PersistentDict which will persist the dictionary to a database of your choice. Whenever an items is requested, added, changed, or removed, the data is read from/written to a database. The values in the dict can be an object of any type that is serializable by the pickle module. This is handy for when you want to save preferences, current state and other data between uses of your program. Usage is very simple, for example: >>> from pd