CFC - Cool Factoring Compression

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CFC - Cool Factoring Compression. CFC is an algorithm designed to reach Huge compressions ratios, better than 30% on most cases. Sadly this method is slower than gzip and similar.



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Imagecfc - ColdFusion Image CFC Component

This cfc allows for the manipulation of images through the java api.

Twsms - A Ruby library for TWSMS

A newer version was available on Github: is a Ruby library for TWSMS( require 'twsms'sms ="username", "password")sms.sendSMS(mobile, message)sms.querySMSsms.setMessageId(msgid)sms.querySMS

Scriptwriter - A CFC (ColdFusion)-based CSS and JavaScript inclusion control module.

ScriptWriter is an open-source, CFC-based module designed to allow web developers to programmatically manage the inclusion of JavaScript and CSS. ScriptWriter supports dynamic external and inline inclusion, runtime minification using the YUI and JSMin libraries, runtime file merging for HTTP request reduction, and flexible grouping and output control for easy implementation of page load performance best practices.

Php-mysql-like-ror - This is a library coded by PHP for MySQL manipulation, and use it like Ruby on

This is a library coded by PHP for MySQL manipulation, and use it like Ruby on Rails.Example:require 'php_mysql_like_ror.php';$mysql = new MySQL("localhost", "cfc", "cfc", "wtf"); // Default encoding is UTF-8$mysql->Conn();$mysql->Exec(find_all_by_field("id", 10, "users")); // Same as: mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE id = 10");// Same as: mysql_fetch_assoc(mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE id BETWEEN 10 AND 20 LIMIT 5"));$mysql->fetch_assoc(find_all("users", array("conditions" =>

Org-corfield-cfmx - Sean Corfield's Open Source ColdFusion projects (CFEclipseFacade, Closures,

A variety of small Open Source projects for ColdFusion MX from Sean Corfield (An Architect's View). Currently this project contains: CFEclipseFacade - a cfcUnit-compatible version of the CFC required by the CFUnit plugin Closures for CFMX - inspired by closures in a variety of languages Concurrency for CFMX - inspired by Java 5's concurrency package Edmund - Event-based programming for ColdFusion IRCBot Event Gateway - this is a CFMX Event Gateway that acts as a channel bot on IRC Scripting - PH

Googlechartcfc - Google Chart API Wrapper CFC

A ColdFusion component (CFC) wrapper for the Google Chart API for use in ColdFusion applications.