Compiere Fixed Assets

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Compiere Fixed Assets System is a seamless extension of the Compiere Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relations Management (CRM). This extension provides an effective way to track assets for financial and reporting needs.



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Cookie Free Analytics

Cookie Free Analytics (CFA) is a free server side Google Analytics tracking solution for Windows based websites running IIS & ASP.NET. 100% javascript & cookie free - with CFA you can track your visitors & file downloads in Google Analytics without cookies or JavaScript. I...

Pylcdcontrol - Linux LCD controller

pyLCDControl is based on LCD4Linux, with the goal of creating a GUI-enabled LCD controller in the spirit of Crystalfontz's CrystalControl2 software for Windows. Most of Crystalfontz's CFA series liquid crystal displays are supported, and there are plans to include support for more LCDs in the future. You can see it in action here, here, and here.

Crystalfontz 631 LCD software

Software for Crystalfontz CFA-631 USB LCD display


Prose is an playground for an experimental JavaScript like language compiler. Eventually it will implement 0-CFA, CFA2, and a Tracing JIT

Vicfirereader - CFA RSS Reader - Victoria Australia

VicFireReaderNote: The code here is, probably, not functional, as CFA do change the RSS format from time to time. I've not updated the code as the 2009 Bushfire Royal Commission is leading to a lot of changes. The CFA are updating their web information. IntroductionAn RSS reader customised for the special needs of reading the CFA incident RSS feed. No touch real time updates of incidents filtered by CFA region. Links to Google maps for general incident locations. Project previously known as 'CFA

Qcurrency - QCurrency Converter

Qcurrency ConverterQcurrency ConverterAbout QcurrencyNewsRequirementsScreenshotsSupported UnitsCurrencyLengthWeightCredits and thanks About QcurrencyQcurrency is a currency converter for international exchange rates. Qcurrency udpates exchange rate data from the internet and stores the information locally for off-line use. Qcurrency, despite its name, can also do all of your Weight and Length conversions. Its has all the common units available for conversion, eg Feet, Inches, Centimetres, Kilogr



Pylcdui - Python LCD library

What is it?pylcdui is a collection of driver libraries for character LCD displays. It provides a Python interface to common features of character LCD displays: turn on the backlight, clear the screen, write a line of data. What else is it?pylcdui is also a tiny user interface framework for building simple applications atop a character LCD. The ui part includes standard widgets for things like progress bars, multiple choice menus, and so on. Note: pylcdui has recently been rewritten, since the au