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Converts Coldfusion (cfml) templates into PHP scripts.



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Blakehash-php - BLAKE Hash extension for PHP

BLAKE Hash extension for PHPThe BLAKE Hash is one of the five finalist algorithms that participates in the NIST SHA-3 competition. This hash functions is based on the HAIFA structure and the ChaCha core function. The algorithm was designed by Jean-Philippe Aumasson, Luca Henzen, Willi Meier and Raphael C.-W. Phan. There are four instances of the function, the first two, BLAKE224 and BLAKE256 work with 32-bit words and they have an output of 28 and 32 bytes respectively. The other two, BLAKE384 a

Modgames - Moddable J2ME games

Original concept by Mr. Lou, developed by Pedro "Shade" Miller. Open (simple) skinnable J2ME games that pixel artists can develop graphics for. You can read more about it in ModGames. Cf. Download example JARs from: Or better yet, try one online!

Realsimplecms - The realSimpleCMS looks and works the same in java, php cfmx and .net

The realSimpleCMS looks and works the same in java, php cfmx and .net It supports HTML5 drag and drop. It supports Oracle, mySQL and MSSQL Here is a first draft of the mySql database structure. CREATE DATABASE realsimplecms;USE realsimplecms;CREATE TABLE `contentbackup` ( `title` varchar(100) default '', `content` text, `sectionrank` char(1) default '0', `rank` char(1) default '0', `lastUpdate` datetime default '0000-00-00 00:00:00', `scheduleType` varchar(6) default '', `schedule` date default

Oahu-surf-report - The 7-day surf forecast

<link href="/skin/current/skin.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"></link> <object classid="clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000" codebase=",0,0,0" width="950" height="50" align="middle"> <param name="allowScriptAccess" value="sameDomain"></param> <param name="movie" value="/ticker/ticker2/ticker02_wide_final.swf?xml=comp-headlines-ticker2-wide-config.php"></param> <param name="quality" value="high"></param><p

Abp-vn - An Adblock Plus filters list which is supplemental to EasyList to help block advertisements

Adblockplus-vietnam finally changed his idea and accepted to remove all unfair rules. So, this project is discontinued.Adblockplus-vietnam đã thay đổi ý kiến và xoá những quy định l�c bất công ra kh�i danh sách của h�. Do vậy, dự án abp-vn không hoạt động tiếp.In EnglishThere is already a project on this matter, but its developers are not fair (see below). So I start a new, fair one. Many users denounce about that list:

Code-highlight-clipboard2clipboard - highlight the code from the clipboard to the clipboard(HTML For

code-highlight-clipboard2clipboard highlight the code from the clipboard to the clipboard(HTML Format)---abbr:chc2c the simplest way I want,the most useful the code highlighter. Using for publish code highlighted blog or anything liked. If you can edit your web freely,You can use google syntaxhighlighter alternative. ( I create this project because I can't change any code in my blog host. Target platfrom include Windows and Linux. implemented with Pytho

Onekeycodehighlighter - code highlighter in clipboard with only one key

This is the UI for the chc2c prjects.codehighlighter use gvim to highligher the code,so it support many language.The UI version could transform the code in clipboard or save it in files if you want.All the UI is a system tray icon with some can config it with config file. the coolest tool I created for my blog,lol. gvim installed is needed. cx_Freeze installed is needed. All the operation is finished with one keyif you want a console too

New-atlantis - multiuser virutal reality soundscape exploration

Locus Sonus and ESAA and the Art and Technology Program at the SAIC began to create a multi user virtual world based on the second life model, but entirely dedicated to audio and video experimentation. Like second life or many online video games each user or visitor will download an application that will render the world locally on their computer. Each copy of the world is linked to a server so that each user can perceive the actions of others. The principal difference between our proposed world

Blitz-featured - fast and powerfull template engine

1. Changes 1. FOREACH statement added(see [Diff]( <pre> <?php $body ="{{FOREACH list}} Key: {{\$\_k}}, Value: {{\$\_v}}{{END}}"; $T = new Blitz(); $T->load($body); $T->display(array("list"=>array('a', 'b', 'c'));?> </pre> 2. predefined `$_k` and `$_v`(see [Diff](, array inde