Craig's Framework

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A basic framework that is used to speed up building MVC applications and make certain things simpler.



Related Projects

Hydra - Distributed processing framework for search solutions

Hydra is designed to give the search solution the tools necessary to modify the data that is to be indexed in an efficient and flexible way. This is done by providing a scalable and efficient pipeline which the documents will have to pass through before being indexed into the search engine. Architecturally Hydra sits in between the search engine and the source integration.

ManifoldCF - Framework for connecting Source Content Repositories

ManifoldCF is an effort to provide an open source framework for connecting source content repositories like Microsoft Sharepoint, EMC Documentum FileNet, LiveLink (OpenText), Patriarch, Meridio (Autonomy), Windows shares to target repositories or indexes such as Apache Solr, QBase (formerly MetaCarta). It could also retrieve content from file system, JDBC connector, RSS crawler, and web crawler.


This is a collector site of tools and scripts for the digital forensics.

.NET VNC Viewer

.NET VNC Viewer is a VNC viewer written entirely in C#. It is binary compatible with Smartphones, Pocket PCs and Windows desktops (.NET CF or .NET Framework). I write this because other VNC viewers on Pocket PC do not do full screen and screen rotation.

Cf-netcdf-python - DEPRECATED Python/netCDF4/numpy interface to the proposed CF-netCDF data model. U

The python cf moduleA minimal reference inplementation of the proposed CF-netCDF data model. 28 Aug 2011 DO NOT USE THIS UNSUPPORTED, DEPRECIATED CODE.PLEASE USE cf-python INSTEAD.

Dottlr - .NET library for the Dopplr API

Dottlr is a .NET library for the Dopplr API (cf

Dshogi - Dobutsu Shogi with python

Dobutsu Shogi is Japanese board game. (cf. This is the primitive implementation of Dobutsu Shogi with python.

Corin - there is no summary for this project

this is the project for myself this is not open source. this is private project.