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Simple and Fast Exception Handling for C.




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CEXCEPT exception handling in C

A header file (cexcept.h) that provides Try/Throw/Catch macros similar to those available in C++ for error handling.

Exceptions4c - An exception handling framework for C

Bring the power of exceptions to your C applications with this tiny, portable exception handling framework. An exception handling framework for CThis library provides you with a simple set of keywords (macros, actually) which map the semantics of exception handling you're probably already used to: try catch finally throw You can write try/catch/finally blocks just as if you were coding in Java: int foo;void * buffer = malloc(1024);if(buffer == NULL) throw(NotEnoughMemoryException, "Could not all

Pydbgr - Modular Python Debugger

IntroIntroFeaturesOut-of-Process DebuggingBetter stepping granularityStep GranularityEvent Filtering and TracingByte-code Instruction IntrospectionDebugger Command Arguments can be Variables and ExpressionsEgg InstallableModularityEtc. A rewrite of pydb from the ground up. This code assumes Python in the version range of 2.5 up to and not including 3K. Use pydb for Python 2.5 and earlier. The intention is that IDE frameworks like Eclipse, Aptana or Netbeans and alternative Python implementations

CException - Git Clone of cexception SVN Repository

Git Clone of cexception SVN Repository


GNU cexcept - C exception and cleanup mechanism. Factored out of GDB's own exception scheme.

cexception - copy from http://throwtheswitch.org/white-papers/cexception-intro.html

copy from http://throwtheswitch.org/white-papers/cexception-intro.html

cexcept - C with exceptions (macros)

C with exceptions (macros)

c-exceptions - Simple exceptions in C

Simple exceptions in C

C-Exception - a few ways to throw exception in C

a few ways to throw exception in C