Cisco Enterprise Print System

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A set of tools for making the adminstration and support of large number of printers dramatically easier.



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Algo-Trader - Algorithmic Trading System in Java

AlgoTrader is an all-in-one trading solution for investment banks, quantitative hedge funds and proprietary trading groups. The Server based Algorithmic Trading Platform that enables development, simulation and execution of multiple strategies in parallel. The System is based on Complex Event Processing (CEP) and Event Stream Processing (ESP) using Esper. The Platform accommodates strategies that cannot be programed with procedural programming languages.

drools - Drools Expert is the rule engine and Drools Fusion does complex event processing (CEP).

Drools Expert is the rule engine and Drools Fusion does complex event processing (CEP).


Correios .Net Projeto Feito em .NET para acesso facil aos web services do Correios 2 Rastrear Frete Calcular Valor Frete Consultar Cep

Sci-flex - Flexible Integration of SOA and CEP

Welcome!Our project focuses on integrating CEP with SOA, a reasonably new concept that has attained broader popularity in early 2008. Most SOA enthusiasts are looking forward to the merging of these two concepts by the end of 2008, and we too are becoming a part of that. The main idea is to build an SOA infrastructure around the CEP system. Our project is a part of a larger system where as the others involve various optimizations and improvements to existing CEP engines. However, these projects

Ppmmonitor - Monitoring by calculation of metrics using an event processing tool

Using ESPER CEP engine, the software enables metrics to be calculated. Metrics embodies KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) expressed in an independent XML dialect consummed by the software.

Psycho-uesfmo - A website made to apply several psychological tests to students.

A website made to apply several psychological tests to students. Made as a University of El Salvador project, using VB.Net, CSharp.Net, ASP.Net and MySql to storage the data. The tests applied are the RAVEN and the CEPS.


CEP With Esper on Android

Macchina-ridotta - Emulator of the "Macchina Ridotta" (Pilot Model)

Emulatore della Macchina ridottaThe Pilot Model ("Macchina Ridotta" in Italian; lit: Reduced Machine) was the first electronic calculator ever built in Italy. It served as a prototype for the more famous CEP ("Calcolatrice Elettronica Pisana" = Pisan Electronic Calculator). DownloadThe latest working versions of the emulator can be found in the "Downloads" section. NOTE: The emulator requires a full installation of the Java6 JDK in order to work. Just the JRE is not enough, because emulated inst

Frogfish - Complex Event Stream Processing Engine

A complex events stream processing engine written using Java and the JVM Languages. Promises quick processing of high volume of fast streaming event data. Rules can be applied on the incoming stream to filter and process events.

Core Enterprise PHP

CEP (Core Enterprise PHP) is an enterprise application framework designed to make the development of modular, component-driven web applications a rapid and well-defined process. CEP extends PEAR, using PEAR packages where ever appropriate.