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Celsius is a data warehouse that provides web services for upload, archival, download, annotation, quantification, and normalization of all Affymetrix microarray platforms.




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Pcalc is a command line calculator handling HEX DEC OCT BIN. It can process a script, save variables to file, full math parser, parentheses, exponential, sin/cos, sqrt, date, inch/mm celsius/f, compound expressions ...

Googleweatherchrome - Google Chrome extension that gets weather for multiple locations using a free

Displays the weather using a free weather API provided by Google. Install from: https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/fkjimegeljmjilcjajmggmmcelbgdeim Features: The feed is automatically using the current system's language setting for the response info. Multiple locations that can be set/changed Multiple icons sets for display. Option for Celsius or Fahrenheit display Option to have links to Weather.com and Weatherunderground.com Option for background refresh (1, 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minute

Converttemperature - this project convert temperature from celsius to fahrenheit

this is the first assignment on GWT, in this application ,i have to convert celsius into fahrenheit using MVC model

Convertsy - Wave Robot that Converts Units

Wave robot for automatically converting certain units: R$2.00 (USD$ ?) 10cm (?") 10km (? miles) 100kph (?mph) 100L (? gallons) The inspiration was my blog. I live now in Brazil, but know that some of my readers are North Americans and might not know the metric system very well or how much a Brazilian Real is worth. A one time I made javascript function to convert these things automatically. Here I've done the same thing with Python and a wave robot. The code looks can handle postfix and prefix u

Electronic Engineering Tool

A very usefull tool when working with electronics, from amature to engineer, ex. Converter: Fahrenheit-Celsius-Kelvin, Dec-Hex-Bin-Oct, etc. Calculator: Ohms Law, Coil Reactance, Capacitor Reactance, Thermal Resistant (C/W), Decibel (dB) etc.

CelSius Web Script ~ Cws

New web scripting language. Old versions are still available, but a new version is being developped upon a more powerful structure. Wait and see

Temperaturctonverter - this project convert temperature from celsius to fahrenheit

this is the first assignment on GWT, we have to fallow MVC model to convert temperature from one form to another.

Chunksofcode - personal collection of tools and projects used to study and work

ChunksOfCodethis "project" is a set of my projects (tools, utilities, games, demos, junk, ...) created mostly for learning purposes, some code was written for me dealing with my pc. GAMESmines/minesweeper game with swing gui (and as ajax-browsergame: web-wings-mines) schnellen-core/card game "tiroler schnellen", with a commandline ui. lifesimulator/swing app showing the life of foxes and rabbits. rabbits are eaten by the foxes. demonstrates usage of the paint(Graphics) app-rubic-cube/(not yet ru

CwMS - - A Cws CMS

This is an easy to use CMS, but yet powerful, written in Celsius web script. Its aim is to provide a useful web-cms with pleasant control panel.

Travelmate - Your true Travel Mate

A simple widget that provides very useful tools and information to travelers. Things that you can find about place you are going to: Find its road map Get updated weather report See local photos Must haves tools for a traveler: Flight booking Currency converter (With Live Updates) World time (DST supported) Coming soon.. Find hotels, hospitals and important places on road map. Ability to view temperature in Celsius Hotel reservation Automatic selection of currency in conversion tool Ability to a