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A cellulary Automata.




Related Projects

Ecautomata-sfml - Elementary Cellular Automata generator written in C++

ECAutomata is an Elementary Cellular Automata generator written in C++. It uses SFML (1.5) to draw the array to a window.

Cellular-automata-sage-toolkit - PYCA - a SAGE toolkit for the study of cellular automata

PYCAPYCA is a SAGE based toolkit for the study of cellular automata. The aim of the project is to be an extensible toolkit that covers practical uses of CA and theoretical analysis. Implemented featuresThis are the features that are already implemented, note that currently the processing speed is unacceptable for any practical problem size. The plan is to keep the the suboptimal implementation for verification of faster implementations. Basic classes: an 1D CA rule an 1D CA lattice (for cyclic a

Projekt-zwischen - It is a copy from 'Projekt Zwischen'.

'Projekt Zwischen' is a personal project of Taitetsu. 'MT4i' that is enhancing the 'Movable Type' function for the cellular phone of Japan is developed. In addition, it is scheduled to develop variously. Checkout MT4i Version 3.1 under development: svn checkout http://projekt-zwischen.googlecode.com/svn/branches/mt4i/mt4i-3.1/

Java-zangle-api - An API in Java to access Zangle information

DEVELOPMENT MOVED TO GITHUBChanges will no longer to be updated on Google code New Repo: https://github.com/The-Shadow/java-zangle-api This project is the home of a Zangle API for Java. The main point of the API is to create mobile applications for cellular devices. The API is currently in development. API has now be released. Feedback and bug reports are appreciated. Current version of the API is 1.05 BETA Zangle API Core created by Luke Kuza This project uses the following API's: apache-mime4j

Cellular automata music in Basic

CApieces is a compact win32 program for generating cellular automata music. It uses linear, binary CA with dependance on two previous timesteps (k=2, r=1.5) You can easily save/load any rule/state/tuning configuration you want to keep.

Athenacl - modular poly-paradigm generative music and algorithmic composition

The athenaCL system is an open-source, object-oriented composition tool written in Python. The system can be scripted and embedded, and includes integrated instrument libraries, post-tonal and microtonal pitch modeling tools, multiple-format graphical outputs, and musical output in Csound, SuperCollider, Pure Data, MIDI, audio file, XML, and text formats. Over eighty specialized Generator, Rhythm, and Filter ParameterObjects provide tools for stochastic, chaotic, cellular automata based, Markov

Eglproject - Enhanced Game of Life project - Java

EGL ProjectDescriptionThe EGL project use the concept developed by Conway. It's a common academic project. But the EGL aim is to produce a ready-to-use software, and to develop new functionnality. Every support is welcomed. Versioningv.O.1: A minimalist interface has been developped. First, you have a matrix of checkboxes, all unselected. You check some boxes (a cb checked stands for a living cellula). After this, you clik the OK button to launch the evolution thread. Just look at the results. T

Life-center - Experimental Research ToolSuite based on Conway's Game of Life.

The LIFE Project provides an experimental research toolsuite in the field of cellular automata based on conway's game of life. [life, conway, artificial, intelligence, ai, cellular, automata, java, c, python, framework, research, game, groovy, rcp] 1. MissionThe mission of The LIFE Project is to develop a full suite of applications based on Conway's Game of Life in order to help to improve research in that field. The Game of Life is probably one of the oldest and simplest cellular automata to be

Trafficlc - Il traffico del raccordo anulare sul cellulare

Programma in Java j2me (per qualunque cellulare CLDC 1.0 MIDP 2.0) per visualizzare in tempo reale lo stato del traffico sul Grande Raccordo Anulare di Roma. Testato su: Motorola a1000 Nokia 6600 Nokia 6680 Nokia n70 Nokia n73 Nokia n80 Nokia n96 Il programma si avvale dei dati forniti dal sito http://www.baluardoproductions.com/gra/ ; benchè il sito non citi la fonte di provenienza dei dati, è intuibile che essi siano prodotti http://edoedo.comze.com/strade.php (in sostituzione del precedente

Pixelflowjava - Simulation d'onde

PixelFlowJavaPixelFlowJava est une application Java qui peut simuler la propagation d'une onde selon le principe de Huygens discrétisé sur une grille de point. En fait PixelFlowJava est plus générique et permet d'étudier un cellular automaton pour n'importe quelle matrice 4x4. Ref.: ECHENARD, N. & WAGEN, J.-F. (2006) WLAN Service Coverage Based on PixelFlow Predictions. 4th International Conference, WWIC. Bern Switzerland. Chopard, B.; Luthi, P.; Wagen, J.-F.; , "Multi-cell coverage predict