Cell Framework

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The Cell framework is a scalable server framework written in C#. It's original purpose is for MMOG emulation but can be easily adapted to other areas. The project includes a proof of concept rewrite of the DAoC emulator DOL.




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Cell-framework - The Cell Distributed Application Development Framework

A programming language-agnostic distributed application framework

E-uae-ps3 - E-UAE PS3 - TimRex

This is a port of E-UAE (Useable Amiga Emulator) for the Playstation 3. A jailbroken PS3 is required to run any binaries compiled with this code. It is based on 0.8.29 WIP4 by RC Drummond, and makes use of the CellFramework open source libraries. A whole bunch of configurable options exist (CPU type, Audio Quality, Fullscreen Support, Mouse Support). Experimental emulated HDD support. You can install workbench to the virtual HDD without issue. Still to come: Picasso96 support.

Ps3sx - Original PCSX port on PS3 By Anonymous

What about PS3SX ? PS3SX the ps3 port of pcsx the great psone emulator with a working powerpc dynarec and patch for enable ram execution of code NX-BIT hack please dont release any broken version on wild it's useless try to respect my wich thank the most part of this project is supported by http://www.ps3gen.fr Information About PCSX This project is only for ps3 dont ask any support to official's pcsx team if you have any question contact me via google code :) to build this emulator you will nee

cellframework2 - Framework for PS3 app development - contains input/audio/video/utility drivers

Framework for PS3 app development - contains input/audio/video/utility drivers