The Digital Cellar

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See Matt Wright for PERL CGI scripts. Upgrade to at least to Oracle8i if you need MD4/5 or binary operations for PL/SQL.



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My-wine-cellar - A GWT App for wine cellar management

my-wine-cellar aims to provide a simple way to manage a wine cellar

Wine-cellar - WineCellar - Making it easy to run Mircosoft Windows applications on Linux

News30th Aug 2010 - Development have started on the new home for WineCellar. 28th Aug 2010 - Preview released - pre0.1 21st Aug 2010 - Work has begun on setting standards for WineCellar. 10th Aug 2010 - Wine-Doors site seems to be dead. 8th May 2010 - Wine Package Manager(WPM) renamed to WineCellar. AboutWineCellar helps you run and install applications and games designed for Microsoft Windows. WineCellar uses online repositories so that applications and games can be added to WineCellar at any t

Jvine - JVine is a simple wine cellar manager

JVine is a simple wine cellar manager

angular-cellar - Sample Angular.js application (Wine Cellar Management App)

Sample Angular.js application (Wine Cellar Management App)


CellarDoor is an Interactive Fiction interpreter for PalmOS devices. It supports Z-Machine (Z1-Z8, inc. Z6) and Glulx stories, as well as .zblorb and .gblorb files and graphics. Requires hi-res screen amp; memory card.

Suitex - A suite of WordPress plugins

This project is a suite of WordPress plugins based on the PHPX modules. The intent is to increase the functionality and usability of WordPress for larger portal type websites. All the plugins in this group are freely distributed under the GNU GPL V3. SupportIf you have questions, requests, or bugs, please use the "Issues" tab at the top of this page to report them and I will get back to you. Summary of ModulesWineX - A very lightweight script to integrate your CellarTracker wine inventory onto y

Vino Cellar for WP7

Wine Cellar is Windows Phone 7 app designed for Québec's wine enthusiasts

Winecellarmanager - A basic winecellar management system mainly used as sample app for Castle and AS

UPDATE: 11/11/2008 I added a ExtJs grid to the sample. Read more about it here: UPDATE 2/11/2008: I am converting this sample to a ASP.NET MVC version. This first version is committed to source control. You can read more about it here: Have fun! This project contains a basic wine cellar management web application entirely based on C

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