CeGCC - Cross development for Pocket PC

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CeGCC is a cross-development environment for creating Windows CE (Pocket PC) applications, from a Linux, Cygwin, or MacOS-X host PC.




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Cross compiler for Windows CE (PocketPC)

We merged with the CeGCC project : http://sf.net/projects/cegcc . Please look there instead...

Pocketgravity - PocketGravity is a Physics application/game for PocketPC.

PocketGravity is a Physics application/game for PocketPC. It uses XFlib and Box2D, and is compiled with CeGCC. Use the stylus to create boxes, circles, and joints, and have fun designing an interactive physics environment !

Valace - The ValaCE Project

The ValaCE project was born just as a proof of concept to see if Vala could be used for developing Windows CE applications. It was developed in a few nights and weekends and tested only on my Htc phone so don't expect to be very complete or that it works everywhere. It consists of: GLibCE*: a port of glib / gobject / gthread to Windows CE windows.vapi: vala bindings to the Win32 C interface valaforms: a simple library that wraps the Win32 UI controls in a more object oriented way. * Take in mind

Libsigcomp - libSigComp: Open Source SigComp API

libSigComp project is a complete and compliant SigComp API to speed-up SigComp integration in Open-Source IMS projects. libSigComp is released under LGPLv3 license. As many operators have begun to commercially deploy IMS, the relevance of using SigComp to lower bandwidth usage will come quickly. In my own opinion I think that most operators (especially those using RCS) will question how to reduce SIP signaling (registration, billing, presence, messaging …) bandwidth usage (who will pay bits?).

crossmingw32ce-gcc - Cross Mingw32CE GNU binary utility development utilities - gcc

Cross Mingw32CE GNU binary utility development utilities - gcc

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