Computer Emulation Framework

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The Computer Emulation Framework (CEF) is a common application framework for computer hardware emulation. It is flexible enough to emulate any hardware produced to date. CEF is used to create computer emulators.



Related Projects

brackets-shell - CEF3-based application shell for Brackets.

CEF3-based application shell for Brackets.


Deprecated CEF1-based app shell for Brackets. Use instead.

Linux Userland Filesystem

LUFS is a hybrid userspace filesystem framework supporting many quot;exoticquot; filesystems (localfs, sshfs, ftpfs, gnutellafs, locasefs, gvfs, cardfs, cefs, etc. ).

CefSharp - .Net binding for the Chromium Embedded Framework

.Net binding for the Chromium Embedded Framework

Chromiumembeddedlinux - CEF for Linux


Arcosi - ArcSight Open Source Intelligence Utility

Version 3.0 ReleasedArcOSI is a Python based utility available for Unix or Windows that scrapes several trusted open source intelligence sites for known malicious IP's and domains and streams them into ArcSight CEF format via Syslog for use in your SIEM content. Usage: ./ <CEF syslog dest>

Javachromiumembedded - Java Wrapper for the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF)

IntroductionThis project provides a Java wrapper implementation for the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF). Initial development was sponsored by Lime Wire, LLC. The available source code demonstrates a working but incomplete implementation for Windows. Edit "run.bat" to properly set the "JDK_BIN" path for your system and then execute to see the demo application. The source code also includes the beginnings of the Mac OS X implementation. See the "Work Remaining" section below for details on what

CellBE Execution Framework

The CellBE Execution Framework (CEF) is designed to be used by anyone wanting to develop and use an algorithm executing on multiple SPEs of a Cell processor. It lets the developer concentrate on the algorithm and data.


CEF.NET is a C#.NET implementation of Google's Chromium Embedded Framework (the Google Chrome web browser).

Cef-parser - A C++ parser for the CEF XML file format developed by the NaNoC EU project

IntroductionThis is an open source XML Parser for the CEF file format developed in the NaNoC EU project Is based on the Xerces XML parsing library. DetailsThe full specification of the CEF file format is available here: