Custom Eclipse Builder

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The Custom Eclipse Builder is a lightweight ant-based project that is intended to build a company/personal customized Eclipse version including company/personal relevant plugins, preferences and settings.



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你肯定é�‡åˆ°è¿‡è¿™æ ·çš„情况:在一些数字图书馆(如方正)借了本书,没读完就快到期了,但借阅人数很多,å�¯èƒ½æ— æ³•ç»­å€Ÿï¼�那就弄个副本å�§ï¼Ÿä¸�许å¤�制;打å�°ä¸€ä»½å�§ï¼Ÿä¸�能打å�°ï¼� 如果你根本找ä¸�到更好的ä¿�存办法,那么唯一的出路就是截å±�:翻一页ã€�按“Print Screenâ€�ã€�粘贴到画图æ�¿ã€�ä¿�存;接下æ�¥ï¼Œç¿»é¡µã€�PrintScreenã€�Ctrl+Vã€�Ctrl+S……,如此é‡�å¤�é‡�å¤�å†�é‡�å¤�,等到头晕目眩ã€�手æŒ

Plan9-ceb - A port of Inferno and Plan9 to the Cell processor

This project is a port of the Plan9 operating system and Inferno to the Cell processor. The tree here is intended to be bound (bind -b -c) over a current plan9 distribution.

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python-realbook librarypython-realbook is an high quality music score drawing library for creating Real Book style sheet music. It uses Cairo as drawing backend. FeaturesHigh quality score drawing Realbook-style chord writing Support: node, chords, symbols irealbook:// format parser ( To do: Code cleanup Add documentation and examples irealbook parser debugging Writing notes support ExamplesA simple scoreimport cairofrom realbook import MusicScore# Create a new MusicScoresc

Findmyhash - Python script to crack hashes using online services try to crack different types of hashes using free online services. NOTE: 2.0 is coming!! The new version will have many changes and improvements. Some of these changes are: Empty hashes recognition Multi-thread analysis Algorithm recognition from the hash value Pause and Resume options Save the results into a file If you have some suggestion you would like to see in the new version, email us or use the "Issues" tab. 1.1.2 Usagepython findmyh

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Gibbler - v0.7 ALPHAGit-like hashes and history for Ruby objects for Ruby 1.8, 1.9 and JRuby. Check out the screencast created by Alex Peuchert. Important Information Regarding Your DigestsDigest calculation changed in the 0.7 release for Proc objects. See "News" below for more info. Example 1 -- Basic Usage require 'gibbler' "kimmy".gibbler # => c8027100ecc54945ab15ddac529230e38b1ba6a1 :kimmy.gibbler # => 52be7494a602d85ff5d8a8ab4ffe7f1b171587df config = {} config.gibbler # => 4fdcadc66a38feb9c

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