Common Data Security Architecture

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CDSA is a security middleware specification and reference implementation that is open source, cross-platform, interoperable, extensible, and freely exportable



Related Projects

TESI - CDSA Java Interface

The CDSA Java Interface project allows you to use CDSA services as JCA-JCE services from your Java applications.

Keychain Framework

Keychain Framework is an Objective C Foundation-based framework for accessing Keychain and Security services under MacOS X. It provides convenience wrappers around the CDSA library included with MacOS X, facilities for manipulating keychains, and more.

Xerobits - Security Primitives for Linux-Like Mobile Devices

"In the old days we just had 0's,   we had to pound them flat to get 1's..."              -- Rodney Thayer, ÃœberHaxxorThe mobile phone industry is expected to ship something on the order of 935 million phones in 2006, half of which will be so-called "Smart Phones." This number is expected to double in five years. Some of these phones will run Windows Mobile; some will run Symbian. But even if only 1% run some variety of Linux (a la MonteVista) or L4 (a la Qualcomm) that's still something like 2


This is an open source version of the Cancer Digital Slide Archive (CDSA); a whole slide viewing application