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This small programme blocks the eject button at almost every CD/DVD drive and gives the user the power of controlling the CD/DVD drive by a small icon at the windows system tray.



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Vmdialer - A tool to simplify use of the Virgin Mobile/Verizon USB760 usb dongle in linux

VMDialerVMDialer is used to do the following things with the Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go/Verizon Wireless Novatel USB760 under Linux: Automate the switch from mass storage mode to modem mode. Automate the driver load and loading of the dialer. VMDialer is an applet written in python 2.6 and PyGTK with glade. News:Tested in linux mint 9 todayWell, I needed to use my own app again in Linux Mint 9 KDE as their network manager doesn't seem to work with the usb760. Luckily the app still works in pytho

Ikey - Volume control in Mac OS X style

iKey is a free utility to visualize in the style of Mac OS X events such as changing the sound volume on your computer, click "Lock"-keys, open and close CD tray, etc. The program is fully written in AutoIt and not using any third-party libraries and COM objects. New in Release 2.4 Changes: Added context help for the GUI. Disabled pop-up images, if foreground application is working to full screen mode (players, games, etc). Improved performance. New in Release 2.3 Fixed bugs: Fixed bug consists