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CDrecorder is a gui for cdrecord and mkisofs built using gtk (primarily).



Related Projects

Yet another CD backup tool

yacdbak is intended to facilitate backups to multiple CD-recordables or CD-rewritables on Linux systems. It uses GNU tar and Jouml;rg Schillingacute;s cdrecord.

Ada Class Library

Ada Class Library - an object orientated library for Ada. Text search and replace. Scripting (small tool programs). CGI scripts. Execution of external programs (incl. I/O redirection). Garbage Collection. Extendended Booch Components. CD-Recorder


KisoCD is a tool that assists you in creating and copying ISO CD-ROMs. It helps you to compose the contents of the CD while the work itself is done by mkisofs and cdrecord. It supports very easy creation of bootable and multisession CDs.


cdw is a ncurses based front end for command-line tools used to burn data CD/DVD discs, create and burn ISO9660 images, and for related tasks. The tools are: cdrecord/wodim, mkisofs/genisoimage, growisofs, dvd+rw-mediainfo, dvd+rw-format, xorriso.

TurboJet CD/DVD Duplicator

Cdrecord backend written in Qt for using multiple cd burners at once.


A sound editor that can handle large audio files. It should be ideal for mastering audio CD' s and includes an interface to cdrecord as well.


Gnome applet mrBurns is a frontend for cdrecord. It supports drag and drop of files with gmc. Pretty quick to use. Burning cds is only one click away.

TCDR console frontend for CD burning

TCDR is a ncurses (dialog) based console frontend for the following programs: mkisofs, cdrecord, cdrdao, cdda2wav, cdparanoia, readcd, dd, isoinfo, sox, mpg123 and bladeenc written in bash.

arn Music Manager

The aim of the project is to implement a funny SDL-based user interface for mpg123, mkisofs, cdrecord, lame and other very powerfull command-line based tools. Feel Free to see your music on your TV

Audio Burner

Frontend for mpg123 and cdrecord that lets easily create audio CDs from MP3 files. It is written in Python and uses GTK/GNOME for GUI.