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CD recording in DAO mode, console and Gnome based application.



Related Projects


Cue2toc is a program to convert CUE files to cdrdao's TOC format.

TCDR console frontend for CD burning

TCDR is a ncurses (dialog) based console frontend for the following programs: mkisofs, cdrecord, cdrdao, cdda2wav, cdparanoia, readcd, dd, isoinfo, sox, mpg123 and bladeenc written in bash.


mkcdtoc is a command-line utility to create toc-files for cdrdao. It reads a list of audio files in simple text or M3U format. The program can be extended via plugins. There is plugins to fill CD-TEXT blocks and perform audio file conversion.


sscdrfe is small simple frontend for cdrecord, cdrdao, and mkisofs. sscdrfe is using c++ and qt. The main goal is to provide a nice small interface for cd-burning-tasks . lt;a href=quot;http://sscdrfe.sourceforge.netquot;gt;http://sscdrfe.sourceforge.netlt;/agt;


Graphical frontend for writing CDs. A shell for 'mkisofs', 'cdrecord', cdrdao and 'cdparanoia'. It will burn audio, data, bootable, and combo CDs. It can burn iso, xcd or cue/bin files. It can rip audio and data tracks, and burn MP3 -gt; audio.

Dialog based tool for CD/DVD mastering

DialogCD is an all-in-one tool for mastering CDs and DVDs. It is a console based program, with a very intuitive interface, using dialog as frontend. The backend programs include cdrecord, cdrdao and dvd+rw-tools for a complete disk mastering experience.


kavi2svcd is a GUI for generating VCD/SVCD/DVD-compliant MPEG files from an AVI, MPEG, Quicktime or whatever file using transcode and mplex. It then generates a (S)Video CD image using vcdimager and burns to CD with cdrdao.

Psxim - PSX CD backup tool

PSXIM is a simple program written in Python and PyGTK to back up PSX games into playable formats using cdrdao as a backend. At the moment, PSXIM is only available for Linux and no plans make ports. PSXIM has very few dependencies which are Python, GTK+ and cdrdao. These dependencies are included with the vast majority of Linux distributions out of the box. PSXIM was developed under ubuntu and it works very well there, but should also work for other distributions.


Videoconv is a shell-based frontend to mjpeg-tools, transcode, vcdimager, and cdrdao. This script converts AVI videos to VCD, SVCD, or DivX, and optionally burns them to CD. The script was designed to allow even unexperienced users to convert videos.

Recorder - A simple GTK+ disc burner.

AdvertisementRecorder is no longer developed (in fact, I don't have a burner device). If you are looking for new features, you can grab the code and do it yourself or install another burning software. Description Recorder is a graphical frontend of cdrkit/cdrtools, cdrdao, mkisofs and growisofs. It aims to be simple and easy to use, free of large configurations and useless options, following the KISS principle and offering a disc burning of quality, nothing more. Depends on: pygtk (code language