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CDO is a collection of command line Operators to manipulate and analyse Climate and forecast model Data. Supported data formats are GRIB, netCDF, SERVICE, EXTRA and IEG.



Related Projects


SA CDO is plugin for Exchange server that relays mail messages to a spamassassin deamon.

Pymsexch - python library that allows to manage Microsoft Exchange

Library provides management access to Microsoft Exchange. Supported Exchange versions 2003, 2007, 2010. Supported python version 3.x Library uses PowerShell, WMI, CDO/CDOEXM, MAPI, ADSI and wrap their stuff to python. It have to be used on the Exchange Server machine. Requires PyWin32 example of use from import Serversrv = Server()store = srv.get_store('First Storage Group')for item in sg.get_mailbox_databases(): if not item.is_mounted(): item.mount()mdb = store.get_mailbox_datab

Net4j and CDO Plus

Add-ons for the Eclipse projects Net4j ( and CDO ( These add-ons are sourceforge'd mainly because the may contain 3rd party components that are incompatible with the Eclipse Public License (E

Merge-view-for-cdo-30 - Adds a Merge View to CDO 3.0

This Eclipse plugin adds a merge view to CDO 3.0 which allows you to merge two branches.

Nakedobject2 - refine and evolve you meta-model dynamic

How often you worked with you favorite spreadsheet tool, created a complex structure (several sheets with lookups) and collected the related data and later on you realize it doesn't fulfill a (new) aspect (or requirement) you haven't considered yet? Where are the simple to use tools where you can define you meta-model, add your data, update you meta-model to fulfill new requirements, migrate your data more or less automatic, change your view, ... The idea of this project to implement such a tool

Sixpack-library - The SixPack rapid development library

The SixPack rapid development library is a collection of classes for rapid development on the .NET/Mono platform. It has been built with medium to large scale sites in mind, and supports high performance requirements (thousands of concurrent users per server.) Version 1.2 released The SixPack library can now be installed using the NuGet package manager. Main FeaturesAlmost completely transparen

Vessel-info-reference - use this case to study how to build RCP app with eclipse and persist EMF obj

This is a "hello world" app about eclipse rcp application. It also demonstrates how to persist EMF Object to RDB with EMF CDO. The following tasks: 1, get data from hsqldb database and show it in the view, which is a tree view. 2, enhance the editor to edit the data. 3, persist the data into DB. anybody who wants to run the demo app, should use hsqldb and create a database named with "cdohibernate".

Realtime-deformations-fem - Real-time coupled simulation of deformable and rigid bodies with constra

Linear FEM with stiffness warping, damping and plasticity, where FE is represented via 6-CDoF constraint, which could be easily used in typical rigid-body simulator. Also, highly parallel CG-based solver capable of solving LCP with box constraints is present, allowing to solve high-stiffness systems on GPU.

SpamCop autoreport frm MS Outlook folder

A Visual Basic Script (VBS) using CDO and XHTML objects to automatically report Microsoft Outlook 98,2k,2k3 (and ?) mailItems placed by the user in a folder named spam (directly under Inbox) to, and log the result in HTML format and move

Absbridge - ABSBridge is an open source project for opensocial gadgets primarily to be used in iGoog

ABSBridge is an open source project for opensocial gadgets primarily to be used in iGoogle that give easy access to information from ABSBridge feed. ABSBridge is feed that provides data collected from several sources for market participants trading structured credit products. The feed is supplied and managed by SCDM. The code for the gadgets is freely available under the Apache License 2.0. However the disclaimer has to be clearly visible on all sites using this code. The code for the feed is no