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The dynamic duo of and, along with their side-kick C module, provide an easy way for Python programs to fetch information on audio CDs from CDDB ( -- a very large online database of track listings a



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Rox-ripper - A CD to MP3/OGG Ripper/Encoder for the ROX Desktop

FeaturesCDDB access Editable track, title, genre, etc., even after CDDB fetching. Simultaneous Rip and Encode Uses cdda2wav and lame/oggenc to do the dirty work. Releases007 (24-Oct-2006) Rewrite options and processors to allow other rip/encoders to be used (other than cdda2wav, lame and oggenc) Add options to keep WAV files and not Encode (suggested by Jonatan Liljedahl) Add Album Cover art support (based on idea and code from Stephen Watson) Change UI to use Progress bars in status area (requi