Customer Driven Development

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Customer Driven Development allows the consumers of open-source software to provide feedback and direction to its creators. CDD provides infrastructure to allow features to be voted, suggested, and a secure email database for notification.



Related Projects

Shoddytcg - Open Source Pokemon TCG Engine

Project's dead. Rather not get C&D'd by Nintendo again. Never meant to violate anyone's trademarks, it was just a hobby project.

Tctoolkit - Thinking Craftsman Tool Kit

I am developing various small tools to do some quick code analysis. The project is combination of all such tools and common utilities. These tools require Pygments Python Syntax Highliger. Code Duplication Detector(CDD)Code duplication detector is similar to Copy Paste Detector (CPD) or Simian. It uses Pygments Lexer to parse the source files and uses Rabin Karp algorithm to detect the duplicates. Hence it supports all languages supported by Pygments. Check the CDD results for Apache httpd and A

Project-cdd-web - Projeto CDD versão web

Versão web (JSP) para o projeto CDD de LCP.

Gutentag - A genetic sequence database for labs that can be browsed using tags

Gutentag is an interactive, user-editable genetic sequence database tool, targeted at molecular biology research groups. It facilitates flexible information labeling and sharing through the use of the web2.0 concept of 'tags'. Gutentag is simple-to-use and easy-to-install. Our tool is Web 2.0-flavoured, allowing users to do more than just retrieve information. Its focus on user-editability is supported by the use of tags (metadata) associated with genetic sequences. Several methods of retrieving

android-percent-support-lib-sample - Just a sample of the android percent support lib


Linnix - USB host stack for microcontroller

USB host stack for ADB, MSD, CDC, CDD, FAT and BEE. ADB: Android Debug Bridge MSD: Mass Storage Device CDC: Commuincation Device Command CDD: Communication Device Data FAT: File Attribute Table BEE: ZigBee controller

New-project-cdd - Versão 2 do projeto CDD

Versão 2 do projeto de LCP, projeto de Centro de Distribuição Direta.

Emacs-cdd-mode - Mode to edit the DOC file

Mode to edit the documentation strings from Emacs functions and variables.