CDAY Calendar Almanac

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What happened on this day in history? Lists event and birthdays for a given date. Includes plenty of starter data, or add your own. Displays date in multiple calendars such as Hebrew, Mayan, and Shire (LOTR). GUI, CLI, web interface.



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Raptor-chess-interface - Raptor Chess Interface

Raptor is a cross platform chess interface and pgn viewer for the free internet chess server: FICS. Latest Stable Version: Raptor .98u3f5Downloads (.98u3f5): (Installation Guide) (Change Log) Mac OS X 10.5+ (64 bit) Mac OS X 10.5+ (32 bit) Mac OS X 10.4 Windows Vista/7 32 bit JVM (Installer) Windows Vista/7 64 bit JVM (Installer) Linux 32 bit Linux 64 bit Linux Deb package (works on both i386 and amd64) News The packages for .98u3f4 have been uploaded. This version contains a massive amount of b

Bics-chess - Bughouse Internet Chess Server

Open sourced chess server based on "lasker" version with FR bug, bronstein time control, etc... Update 11/11/2011 by John: BICS has been hosted on 5000. Somehow, all accounts are damaged. It is now completely unusable. If you want to host this chess server, you will need to compile and build the source code yourself. Virtual Machine images cannot be provided. No further commits to the bics-chess project anticipated. Update 11/11/2011 by John: All of my development focuses ha

Decaf-chess-interface - Decaf FICS Interface

Decaf is no longer being supported by CDay. I am now working on Raptor, Decaf's successor .Decaf version: 1.1.1 Decaf is a java 1.5 (or better) chess client for the free internet chess server. It runs on linux, windows, and Mac OS X. Currently the software is in a released state. All known major bugs have been fixed. If you uncover a new bug or would like to request a feature feel free to report an issue in the Issues tab, or participate in the Go

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???python first

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Demos used for the Italian Community Days 2013 (