Client Cloud Services

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Client Cloud Services (CCS) is a set of Windows Azure-based services which help application developers integrate licensing, trial management, feedback, error reporting and product usage into their applications.



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MIRA - Sequence assembler and mapper for whole genome shotgun and EST / RNASeq sequencing data. Can use Sanger, 454, Illumina and IonTorrent data. PacBio: CCS and ecCLR data usable, CLR not yet. Please visit

Hp-sadb - sandbox for ccs(sadb) team

sandbox for ccs(sadb) team

Cplusplus-style-checker - Check Style of C/C++'s Code

Introductioncplusplus-style-checker is used to check the style of C/C++'s code, and it reference these: Google C++ Style Guide Effective C++ Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code Support Checker IssueNow I finish about 30 checkers:CheckerIssues

Group - CCS - CodeCharge Studio

Group-CCS development Components, templates, tools, accessories, tutorial, modules, translations, documentation, codes, scripts, everything that can improve the work of who uses the powerful tool of development, CCS - CodeCharge Studio.

Cosolvent-community-server - Video and Document sharing for extranet workgroups.

Important - We have moved the project to Assembla - we had been using the Assembla Issue Tracker previously; however we are now hosting the latest version of the code in git on the Assembla server as well as using the Assembla Wiki for the most up-to-date programmer documentation. CoSolvent Community Server (CCS) is a solution for corporate extranet type groups who want to share video and other rich media, as well as standard documents. As video in the form of screencasts and informal (or semi-f