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A simulator for the CPU used in the CRAY YMP-EL 92, intended to become a full-scale CRAY emulator.



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Solve24game - 24 game solver

A 24 game solver. Algorithm written in C++(core algorithm)/Python(Tkinter GUI). Very fast to execute.I have uploaded the executable program and source code. Usage1. Download, unzip it. 2. To run the program, go to dist folder, double click solve24game.exe. Input some thing like famous 3,3,8,8, the program will give out a result instantly, (8 / (3 - (8 / 3))). 3. To view the source file, go to src folder. Python files includes Tk GUI,

Anddive - Android dive and deco planning suite

andDive is a collection of Android apps in development that will allow dive and decompression planning on Android. It's being developed in an open architecture; other developers will be able to build add-ons that enable additional functionality like support for additional decompression algorithms, profile graphing, and more that hasn't even been thought of yet. All of this will be possible through a proposed standard set of Android intents and special content providers. Most of the backend code

Rigg-strom-ecen5033-extended-robotics-lab - Melobot

IntroductionOur robotics system will recognize a centroid in its field of view and move itself into position for grappling it. We named our robotic arm, Melobot, after basketball player Carmelo Anthony. In our system, the centroid is a basketball and Melobot picks it up and dunks it into a basket. The system consists of two major physical components: Melobot (the robotic arm) and a thumbnail video camera. Melobot has a servo controller with a serial port connecting to a Linux system running Fedo

CCoreOpt - Compilers and tools for CCore

Compilers and tools for CCore

CCore - RTOS development platform

RTOS development platform